HD Antennas: Can I Eliminate Cable?

HD Antennas: Can I Eliminate Cable?

HD Antennas - Can I eliminate Cable
HD Antennas – Can I eliminate Cable

With the conversion of major over-the-air TV broadcasts to digital a few years ago, many people out there decided to forego purchasing a new, expensive converter box and instead opted to purchase service from cable and satellite TV providers. However, over the last few years, new and less expensive HD antennas have become available, and some are definitely more suitable than others.  The question is: Can you buy an inexpensive HD antenna and forego the costs of Cable or Satellite TV? Know more at Carol Wright Store.

The Outdoor HD Antenna

When the conversion to digital occurred, many people already had large outdoor antennas designed to pick up analog broadcasts and deliver them to their televisions indoors. People quickly realized that their televisions and antennas were no longer suited for picking up those broadcasts, and their only option was to make some sort of purchase that could deliver that picture. At the time, converter boxes that were developed to allow standard TVs to pick up digital signals were expensive, and many people simply chose to purchase satellite or cable TV – or to do without. In fact, some of these outdoor antennas became obsolete because they were unable to pick up the correct signals.

Signal Amplifiers

Another common problem that occurred following the conversion to digital broadcasts was the inability to pick up stations that once came in relatively clearly.  Where some people once got 10 or 12 channels, they were only able to pick up four or five. Some companies developed and sold digital signal amplifiers that were designed to work with an HD antenna to boost the signal, and while this seemed to work, it was an expensive purchase and one that many people simply skipped.

Today’s New HD Antennas

Fortunately, it is possible to receive a crystal clear television signal without purchasing expensive converter boxes or having to buy even more expensive signal amplifiers. There are a number of low-cost, quality HDTV antennas on the market.  All you have to do is plug it into the back of the television and then hang it in an area of your home where you receive the best broadcast signals. Many antennas won’t even need tools for installation because there are suction cups on the back of the unit that will hold it securely to a window or wall.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re paying the cable or satellite company a ton of money to watch your favorite network programming, this is unnecessary. The HD antennas that are available can provide you with superb performance and a range of benefits, including:

  • Streamlined design; there is nothing to install outside and nothing to put on the roof.
  • Ease of use. Simply plug in the antenna and then mount it to the wall using the provided suction cups.
  • Ability to watch all of the major networks in your area – ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS and others – without having to pay a cable or satellite provider for access.
  • A one-time purchase that provides unlimited viewing of all of your favorite programming.

HD antennas are no longer cumbersome, expensive or difficult to install. All it takes is a few minutes to start watching your favorite programs without paying an arm and a leg to do so.  Based on your service area, there can be a significant number of stations that you can receive, if you do your homework. If you are willing to forego a large number of channels that you aren’t watching, anyway, over the air HD TV could be an excellent choice.

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