Have You Gone as Far as Diet and Exercise Can Take You?

Diet and Exercise Can Take You: You’ve been working out like crazy for the last year and you’ve been incredibly disciplined with your diet. But you look in the mirror and you’re still not seeing the results that you think you’ve earned. How do you feel?

Most people feel dejected and furious. They feel like they have somehow let their bodies down or vice versa. This reaction is certainly understandable, but it’s not the most productive one.

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Here’s how you should respond.

Plan Your Next Step

This is not the time to take your diet or exercise routines to unreasonable places. If you start doing two-a-day workouts, or switch to an unsustainable crash diet, any results will be temporary at best.

However, people that are just short of their fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle are actually ideal candidates for body contouring treatments. A quick visit to a Toronto Plastic Surgeon could give you the boost you need.

It’s OK to need a little bit of help. Even Victoria’s Secret runway models get body contouring treatments to get ready for their shows.

If you’re already active and eating well, the results from a body contouring treatment won’t fade over time.

Be Proud That You’ve Achieved Your Potential

When it comes to committing to getting in shape, most people will run out of gas before they even leave the runway. 95% of all diets will fail, and 80% of the people that join a gym will cancel their membership within 5 months.

You didn’t hit a wall. You reached your potential. Most people have no idea where their physical and emotional limits are because they lack the courage and discipline to find out. You did. And that’s incredible.

This is not the time to beat yourself up. It’s time to pat yourself on the back. You didn’t fall short of your goal. You simply didn’t know what your goal should have been.

Adjust the Bar

Again, knowing your limits is a good thing. You will now know exactly how much diet and exercise you need to hit a certain weight or size. The next time you set a fitness goal, you will know what is achievable instead of guessing what’s possible.

Expectation management is crucial in the world of fitness and weight loss. Yes, you may have heard that losing weight becomes more difficult as you grow older and your metabolism slows down. But you may not realize how much harder it is until you actually try it in your 30s or 40s.

You now realize that getting to the gym every day is hard with a family. And now you see all of the little aches, pains, and mini-injuries that can slow you down or derail your journey.

After you go through the journey once, you will know what to expect next time. Reaching your limits was the hard part.

Now that you know them, living within them makes everything else much easier.

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