Harry and Meghan: 5 revelations (from their biography)

We have been talking about for days Finding Freedom, the biography on the farewell of Harry and Meghan which aims to tell the secret behind the scenes of divorce of the Dukes of Sussex from the Royal Family. A book that has already been renamed as a turning point in the history of relationships within the royal family and in which there would be revelations capable of upsetting the already precarious balance between the royals. Here are five revelations that can be read in the book due out on August 11th.

The royal family staff has always shown little respect for Meghan

Not only has the royal family staff always considered Meghan a stranger to the royal family but, at least according to what the authors report, they have never made any particular mystery out of it. “There is something about you that doesn’t trust me,” one of the senior staff members seems to have said while some have always referred to her as a “spare tire”.

Harry and Meghan thought the family was plotting against them

According to the authors of the book, just before Megxit the relationships between Harry, Meghan and the rest of the family were so tense that the pair of Dukes of Sussex had started to think that the royals were plotting against them even going to blown of them to the tabloid press.

Meghan and Kate’s relationship has never been turbulent

Apparently the tensions between the royals did not concern the relationship between Kate and Meghan. Crying for Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress? A fake news. We already told you about it in this article.

The Queen was surprised by the announcement of Harry and Meghan’s farewell

According to sources interviewed by the authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Queen Elizabeth II was literally devastated by the announcement of Harry and Meghan to say goodbye to the Royal Family but above all to have come to know it at the same time as she had known all the world by posting on their site. A choice that has put Her Majesty in the grip of forcing her into the annoying situation of having to manage the choice of her nephew to stay a little inside and a little outside the royal family. We all know how it turned out …

Harry and Meghan knew they were worth a lot and wanted to be worth a lot.

Probably one of the causes of rupture, at least according to Finding Freedom reports, was the awareness by the Dukes of Sussex of being “extremely popular” and, specifically, to note that this value of their only interested very few people. In the end, apparently, the divorce from the royals was probably a banal request for attention.


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