Harley Quinn’s New Costume Combines Her Best Looks

As Harley Quinn confronts her past, she’s getting a new costume that combines elements from several of the character’s most iconic looks.

Harley Quinn has gone through several iterations of costumes in her journey from being Joker’s girlfriend to becoming a fully-realized character in her own right, but her newest outfit seeks to combine elements from across her most iconic looks. Older fans of the character are often more familiar with her original harlequin-themed, red-and-black costume while modern fans are generally more accustomed to her red-and-blue-dyed pigtails and punk-inspired wardrobe. The latest incarnation of Harley Quinn will mix attributes of both of these classic and modern styles to create something entirely new.

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DC recently kicked off a new solo series for Harley Quinn, written by Stephanie Phillips (Sensational Wonder Woman, Rick and Morty) with art by Riley Rossmo (Dark Knights: The Batman Who Laughs, Martian Manhunter), as part of DC’s new Infinite Frontier lineup. The series intends to continue Harley’s journey after her recent decision to side against her former lover during the “Joker War” 2020 crossover event. The new comic will feature the reformed villain continuing down the path of redemption and may even see her finally embrace a proper heroic identity.

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In a new interview between DC and the creative team of Phillips and Rossmo, the pair discussed Harley’s new redesign, which features in the series. According to Rossmo, the new design of the character was meant to draw upon elements from her original version and mesh them with her modern style. “I took all those things I like about the classic costume and mashed ‘em up with the things I like from more recent versions, but trying to keep it as clean and simple as possible,” Rossmo said.

Harley Quinn interior

The new costume incorporates several striking visual elements from across the character’s history. Harley retains her more recent lack of a mask and cotton-candy-dipped pigtails, now tied back with ribbons of matching colors. But from the neck down, her outfit is essentially a slightly modified version of her original red-and-black harlequin costume.

Harley’s new outfit feels like a perfect visual match for the story that this new series aims to tell. It only makes sense that as she revisits her past in Gotham City to seek redemption, her costume would incorporate elements from her villainous origins and juxtapose them against her modern identity. It’s a good visual indicator that Harley is still caught between her old life and her desire to turn over a new, more heroic leaf, but it’s also a clear reminder of how much the character has changed and come into her own over the years.

Harley’s latest costume is a treat for longtime fans of the character and her storied history. Whether it’s as the leader of the Suicide Squad or as a member of the Gotham City Sirens, she’s come a long way and her new look emphasizes that idea perfectly. Readers can see Harley Quinn and her new redesign in action in Harley Quinn #1, which is available now.

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