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Hardwood Spline – What You Need to Know

If you are laying a hardwood floor anywhere inside your home, you will likely need a hardwood groove. A spline is a wooden strip that connects two pieces of wooden floor, where they join and change direction. For example, where two solid wood floors meet in a door and the wood changes direction, a groove is used to connect the wood and hold it securely in place.

Before you start laying the wooden floor, you should prepare everything you need in advance. And one of those things is a strip of hardwood splines. Here are some things you need to know and that you should consider with the hardwood spline:

Hardwood Spline
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Consider what you will need:

It is worth preparing in advance how much groove is needed before you start laying the wooden floor panels. There is nothing worse than starting a project and having to stop halfway because you don’t have everything you need. If you don’t have any splines, you must stop any progress as soon as you need to change the direction of the wood. Just as you will need – or have already – calculated how much you will need the current wooden floor panels, find out how much spline you will need. It is worth getting more than necessary to take into account any errors or inaccurate estimates.

Get the correct size:

This is just a simple tip, but make sure you get the correct thickness of the hardwood groove, which is the correct size for insertion between the point where the wood panels come together. As you probably know, the wooden panels are available in different thicknesses, therefore also the groove. Again, there is nothing worse than being halfway even if you stretch the floor and realize that you have to stop because the spline is too thin or thick. So in addition to getting the appropriate length of the spline, make sure you get the correct thickness. If you don’t want to buy the specific thickness spline, you can always cut a piece of hardwood yourself to the appropriate length and thickness.

Where to find your spline:

Spline is available in your local DIY store, or you can even buy it online (and potentially with huge savings) if you know what size you need. It can often be cheaper to buy things like this from the Internet. In addition, you can even create your own spline from any hardwood you have available, although this is only recommended if you are useful enough and have the desire to devote time and effort to do it yourself.

In conclusion, if you want your wooden floor to flow seamlessly from one room to another, even when the wooden panels change direction, then you will need a hardwood groove. Oak is often used as a hardwood groove for hardwood floors, but plywood can also be used as a cheaper option. Take your time and be sure to use the spline accurately with a snug fit, and no one will be wiser than there is a transition in the wood.

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