Hard-to-find Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock at Best Buy, Amazon and Target


Hard-to-find Nintendo Switch Lite
Hard-to-find Nintendo Switch Lite
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The Corona virus The pandemic has led to a huge surge in video game usage, with millions remaining at home. This means the Nintendo Switch has been hard to find since at least March, as the pandemic has disrupted the global electronics supply chain and the fact that sleazy resellers have used bots to track down the low inventory. Oh, and that Animal Crossing: New Horizons popularity didn’t help either.

But from the end of April it will be Nintendo Switch Lite Slowly but surely he returned to many retail shelves, appeared on Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and Target – and often disappeared just as quickly. We compile available inventory here for a MSRP of $ 200. However, keep in mind that prices and availability change frequently. Please check this before completing a purchase.

And no, you can’t connect this version of the switch to your TV – that’s just the more expensive one $ 299 switch This is out of print almost everywhere, although there are signs that the shortage could finally abate in summer. However, if you need more encouragement to take the plunge into the Lite model, you can read CNET’s review of the Switch Lite.


No Nintendo Switch Lites are currently available to purchase online from GameStop for $ 200.

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