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Hand Foot Mouth disease home remedies HFMD

HFMD Hand Foot Mouth disease home remedies

Hand Foot Mouth disease home remedies: Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, is a viral infection. One of the primary symptoms is fever and generally feeling of tiredness. The sufferer will not feel healthy and be unwell. This may lead to appearing of bumps, almost like blisters on feet, mouth, and hands. You can see similar vesicles on buttocks as well.


The primary agent that causes the reason is a virus namely enterovirus. This is an infectious virus. If a sufferer sneezes or coughs, it can easily get transfers to the person near him/her. You can see this common amongst children.

The incubation period is usually maximum a week. When the symptoms start to show, then only took treatment from doctors.

Hand Foot Mouth disease


The symptoms

The typical symptoms registered so far are below:-

  • The sufferer, most probably a child, will start to feel tired and be lethargic. This may be followed with mild fever, and gradually blisters will begin to show.
  • The blisters are seen on palm, feet and at times hips as well. It is common for blisters to burst and crust over.
  • These Blisters, once dry, will go away in a week’s time. But, family members may catch the disease soon as the virus gets communicated very fast.
  • It is also possible that the blisters may not show at all amongst children. Elders may catch the infection.

TO be able to judge the primary disease, no individual tests are needed. Symptoms help the practitioner diagnose soon.

Home Remedies

One of the best remedies is to keep your hands clean. Unknowingly, the infection may get communicated fast. Some more home remedies are mentioned below.


Yes, you read right- Tea. But treating HFMD requires special tea for curing it in children. Some are mentioned below:-

  • A drink made with lemon balm is claimed to be very useful for children. Take a cup of warm water, mix a bit of lemon balm and you may add a little bit of honey to it. Try not to give honey to children below one year of age.
  • Tea made with elderberry is considered to be very useful to cure viral infections. Too much consumption may lead to an upset stomach.
  • Rooibos tea is found in Africa and is an excellent treatment to cure viral infections.


HFMD may reduce the appetite of your child or any an adult suffering from it. In such cases, nutrition becomes an important issue. Best is to give broth or stocks to your child. This will help the body keep functioning well. Some ingredients which will work wonders are Garlic, thyme, sage, and rosemary.

Coconut oil

Extra virgin coconut oil is a blessing for HFMD. It has been seen in the past that it has the best antiviral and antibacterial properties. It enhances the immunity of your body and removes antibodies very well. At room temperature, it stays stable. A scoop on the palm of your hand will merely melt it within seconds. Massage it on the affected region.

You may mix calendula oil or lemon balm for better results. These two ingredients will also add fragrance. This may work as aromatherapy and help you sleep well.

Tea tree oil

Along with so many options, tea tree oil, primarily used to cure acne, is very good to heal HFMD. IT MUST NOT BE TAKEN ORALLY. It is best-used post mixing with a carrier oil. Carrier oil can be extra virgin coconut oil. Tea tree oil helps your body fight with viral infections. Remove scars and give you clean skin.

Another creative and practical use of tea tree oil is, mix the same with a little bit of white vinegar. Put this mix on the commonly touched areas. These places are the doorknobs, chairs of the dining table, switches, toilet seats, taps and many more such places. Vinegar vanishes in some time and tea tree oil smells very soothing. It is refreshing. Such a move will prevent others from infection.

Use a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the water while moping. This is very good.

Make your soap

There are vegetarian soap bases available online. You may get them home. Mix the ingredients mentioned above, along with the lemon balm and calendula oil. Now, you may imagine the you will have with you.


If possible, try not to send your child to school. DO not give him/her acidic food. If fever persists, try to go for mild medicines. Many practitioners do not recommend aspirin.

It is very much understood that you love your child. It may be tough, yet, neither should you kiss the child, nor let him/her kiss you or anybody else in the family. Ask your child not to share toys as well.

Few highlights:-

Myth HFMD is not communicated through pets
Key point This leads to dehydration, help the sufferer consume more liquids
Increase consumption Consuming more ice cream and cold food items is a brilliant idea.
The age group that catches it fast Children below ten years of age are more susceptible to finding it.

Benefits of trying home remedies

home remedies are the best. It is better to let your body fight infections; instead of depending on antibiotics and artificial medications. Some benefits of using home remedies are mentioned below:-

  • You save a lot of money. Most of the res can be found inside your kitchen only. Just look around and there you are.
  • Not just for HFMD, these remedies can be used by anyone suffering from fever, cold and sore throat. These are simple solutions with no side effects.
  • Using home remedies means, finding the solution to not only the current problem, but it boosts your immunity against any other health issue as well.
  • Money that you would have to spend on over the counter medicines, the same can be used for something else as well.

We all have faced viral and bacterial infections at some point in our lives. Yes, the disease demands attention and treatment. But, most of it can be treated through home remedies only. All you need to do is keep a cool head and look inside your kitchen. Else, you may Google to find more options. It is certain that you will find something that you already have at home. Stay healthy and be kind.

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