Hairstyles over 50: photos, cuts and ideas that rejuvenate

The 50 has surpassed them for some time, but Sharon Stone (62 years old) with her new hairstyle is an inspiration for all perennials. Hairstylist Adir Abergel has created for her a very loose and long pixie cut, with the tuft to be worn with the line aside that caresses the eyebrows and thus hides the wrinkles of the forehead.

Hair: anti-aging cuts and styling

A short cut that gives freshness to the look and takes away at least ten years from the face. To characterize the pixie cut evergreen, which can also be seen as a variation of the short bob, is therefore the asymmetry of the lines and the volume concentrated on the upper part of the head: with the advantage of being able to play by creating a side row with a tuft. Styling, in this case with an effect messybecomes one of the possible hair hairstyles ideal for over 50s.

If the smooth spaghetti can only afford it Demi Moore, 57 years old, the model Kathy Jacobs which with 56 years was chosen by Sport Illustrated for its Swimsuit Issue confirms that styling moved is the texture of hair synonymous with a beauty that has no age. Or rather, to put it to Kathy “Age is beauty” and her Instagram profile which is called AgeIsBeauty teaches.

Women like Kathy Jacobs, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Sandra Bullock … They are all fifty years old who are well suited to the term Perennials Yes, because they do not demonstrate the age they have neither physically nor as an attitude. And this, now cleared through customs, the concept of beauty, also revolutionizes styles and hairstyles, which have no age limits.

To confirm the rule is Salma Hayek, 53 years old, who in this photo shared on Instagram, shows himself with a messy bun high DIY effect.

Hairstyles for over 50 with an anti-aging effect

Inspire yourself at Jennifer Lopez, who turned 51 on 24 July, is always a bit ambitious. L’hairdo that he posted on his Instagram profile recently is not for everyone. It is a crop characterized by two mini bun high. But there is a detail that can also be replicated with low tails or buns, definitely more portable. Are the baby hair, the short tufts near the forehead that can be left free to increase the rate “forever young”Of the hairstyle.

Along with baby hair, also i tufts that fall soft around the face they give a sweet deconstruction to the look that does not harden the features.

Hairstyles with bangs for over 50s

The bangs can rejuvenate? The answer is yes, because it covers the wrinkles on the forehead, those responsible for the frowning expression that hardens the face. And when it grows it turns into a tuft shaggy parade that raises the volumes of the face, with anti-gravity effect.


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