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Hairstyles of the 50s (60s and 80s): the most beautiful in recent decades – Fashion.it

Hairstyles of the 50s (60s and 80s): the most beautiful in recent decades – Fashion.it

With the hair hairstyles that have established themselves over the years, a historical line could be outlined changes in society up to our times. The country’s economy, development, well-being or the crisis: historical events are also reflected in the aesthetic choices, particularly in the way women wear hair, which very often hides a meaning. The last few decades are no different. From the most interesting hairstyles we can also draw cues of style, to make our own in a modern key.

50’s hairstyles

It was the era of Hollywood divas and pin up. With the economy recovering and the desire to leave behind the great difficulties of previous years, the rampant desire was that of extreme femininity and charm, independence and cheekiness.

The hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe. His signature look is represented by curls structured on a short bob. You can take inspiration even today from those light, but compact waves, trying to make them on medium length hair, on a lob, the long bob, but also on long hair with soft waves.

The legendary short, blond and curly bob of Marilyn Monroe

© Bettmann

Grace Kelly instead it decreed the success of the banana bun, with hair pulled on the head and gathered on the back rolled up in an elongated shape. Timeless elegant.

Always chic (and indeed copied) the Grace Kelly harvest

© Silver Screen Collection

Finally, the most up-to-date hairstyles are due to the pin ups massive, with big waves, with rolled fringe and with the use of headscarf as an accessory in your hair.

60’s hairstyles

These are the years of pop art, those where the fluorescent color and geometric shapes are a prelude to the desire for transgression that will lead to student protests, and to the revolution of costumes and fashion, in favor of greater freedom in the way of being, of expressing oneself, of dressing and also to style the hair. There are no limits: the hair is ultra feminine, with maxi volume, cotton, or short, defined, with character.

Brigitte Bardot is the icon of the time. Her hair had volume on the head and was stopped at the hairline by a maxi headband. In the lengths they were left loose, semi-collected or with a high ponytail. To reproduce them even today, we need to focus on texture and cotton.

Open fringe, cotton hair and headband: it leaves the allure of Brigitte Bardot breathless


The beehive it is another famous hairstyle of the decade, often worn also by Bardot: it concentrates the entire volume on upper part of the head, where the hair is gathered like a nest, stopped on the back of the head and then left free and moved on the shoulders. It will be revived a few decades later by Amy Winehouse.

Finally the pixie cut of Twiggy, the model that represents the costume revolution. Wear the miniskirt, created by Mary Quant, and has short hair with a side parting.

Twiggy’s side stripe pixie cut made by Vidal Sassoon

© Express Newspapers

And it is always Vidal Sassoon to make the cut – known as “5 points” – by Mary Quant

© Mirrorpix

Hairstyles 80s hair

The decade more offbeat and fun, the one where everything was possible. In full economic boom, everyone had only one thing in mind: an oversized volume. It was the time of frisée, of the mullet, exaggerated volumes, neon colors and dazzling reflections. And although many deny this decade, there has been no better time to express yourself without prejudice. And from this we can draw great inspiration even today.

L’escalation of cotton hair sees its highest level in the 80s. There are no limits or structures: the hair is cotton in every square centimeter. A mass comes out wonderfully swells that frames the face. And for it to have even more structure, the hair must be wavy and curly, preferably frisée, made frizzy by the cottonatura.

The mullet it is among the most famous hairstyles of the decade. The hair was long behind and short in front, with more or less long bangs. It was the look of the women who claimed their independence and declared their awareness, in a bit of a key punk. He has also seen himself on the red carpet and on TV in recent years: he showed it off Zendaya to Grammy Awards and chose it as a new look Ursula Corbero, the actress de The Paper House, already known for its Tokyo helmet.

Zendaya with the mullet (later revealed to be a wig) at the 2016 Grammy Awards

© Amanda Edwards

Ursula Corbero, the Tokyo from La Casa di Carta, sports the mullet inside and outside the set

© Juan Naharro Gimenez

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