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Gwen Stefani Cut Blake Shelton’s Quarantine Mullet During Their Appearance on The Tonight Show

Many of us miss the hair salon because we isolate ourselves at home in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. But luckily for Blake Shelton, he has his own living hairstylist – his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani!

While he was in the middle of a virtual interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight ShowBlake announced that he had a haircut date he simply couldn’t miss. Enter Gwen, with a pair of mowers!

The No Doubt singer then shaved the sides of Blake’s quarantine mule, much to the delight of Jimmy (and our). At one point, she even attempted to shave Jimmy’s initials in Blake’s hair.

“You are so Tiger king right now you have no idea! “Jimmy encouraged Blake.

The country singer had previously announced that he was developing his mule to offer fans a “symbol of hope” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the Voice The coach has made some progress since late March, Jimmy urged him to keep growing.

“How’s the mule?” Does the mule get long in the back? “Blake asked Jimmy.

“Not long enough, man. You can get it longer, ”replied the host. “But it’s getting closer.”

Of course, the haircut was hilarious to watch, many viewers couldn’t help but comment on Gwen’s outfit. The singer wore a black sweater, a rhinestone belt and an oversized camouflage pair pants, which many assumed belonged to Blake. “Gwen just refreshed Blake’s camouflage pants by just wearing them,” wrote one person on YouTube. “Gwen’s rhinestone belt and Blake’s camouflage pants simply prove that she is a fashion icon and can wear anything,” said another.

“I love how she adapted her style to fit the environment of her farm – the Hollaback Girl style with camouflage hunting pants and rubber boots! She’s great,” wrote someone. other.

Meanwhile, Blake also gave fans an update on the life of his Oklahoma ranch, where he remains safe and “self-sufficient” with “a group of Stefanis” (aka Gwen and his three sons with the ex-husband Gavin Rossdale).

“Gwen learned to make really good bread, sourdough bread,” said Blake. “Literally, it’s like Little house on the meadow out there. She makes bread, I built a fence and gardened. We are quite autonomous here. “

It sounds like the perfect setup for us!

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