Guide To Ziplining In Jodhpur For Flying Over The Blue City

Within the royal state of Rajasthan, there is a famous ‘Sun City’ which is known as Jodhpur due to excessive sunlight. Jodhpur is home to some mythological stories and amazing modern entertainment. The city magnetizes travelers with its majestic forts, bright gardens, exquisite museums, man-made lakes, etc., located on the shores of the Thar Desert, also known as the city of Jodhpur, a vast stretch of ‘The Blue City’ . A succession of indigo colored houses.

Apart from world famous attractions, you can also enjoy electrified ziplining in this majestic city. On our brief guide Zipline in Jodhpur Definitely going to entice you to try charm and this blood-chilling activity.

About Ziplining in Jodhpur

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If you are expecting to indulge in a nerve-waking adventure activity that is different from the culture and history of Jodhpur, then ziplining is the best place for this thrilling ride. The Flying Fox is housed in the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, to make your travel experience memorable as well as the sunlight traversing the skies above the frivolous hills and ridges.

The Flying Fox Zipline offers postcard-perfect panoramic views of the blue city, Ranisar Lake, and Chokelo Gardens. In recent years, ziplining has become one of the most exciting and popular fun activities in Jodhpur, causing adrenaline hunters to experience spine-tingling.

The arrangements are located in the Chokelo Gardens in Jodhpur and provide an aerial feel of the city with six different zip lines that span 300 meters. Flying Fox has various Ziplines:

  • Short one, 70 meters long
  • Chokello Challenge, 115 meters long
  • Rajput’s revenge, 160 meters long
  • Ranisar Rollercoaster, 170 m long
  • Jai Jodha, 270 meters tall and
  • Magnificent Marwar, 300 meters long

cost: Ziplining is priced at around Rs. 2,000 for adults and Rs. 1,700 for students and children.

Time: Every day from 9:30 am to 5 pm. However, the best time to indulge in Ziplining and get the best experience is in the morning because the weather is pleasant.

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Safety measures to keep in mind during Ziplining in Jodhpur:

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Flying Fox’s safety standards are secondary to none as they ensure the safety of each and every customer, which makes Ziplining a memorable experience. Flying Fox is the only zipline service provider in India offering European standards in the manufacture of its Ziplines. However, there are some tips that you can follow if you want the experience of Ziplining to be smooth and memorable:

  • Be sure to pre-book your Ziplining activity if you want to wait unnecessarily in a long queue.
  • Ziplining requires some amount of physical activity and strength, so make sure you are well prepared.
  • The minimum height for clarifying ziplining safety guidelines is 4 feet 7 inches. There is no age limit, but you must follow the minimum height.
  • The maximum weight allowed by the operator is 115 kg.
  • For children under 18, the operator requires a permission form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • In the case of children under 16, the operator is required to supervise a participating parent or guardian.
  • Flying Fox can also make special arrangements for disabled people who want to try Ziplining, but the company needs to be informed in advance.
  • Wear full-length pants / leggings and shirts / T-shirts as this will avoid direct exposure to harness which may otherwise be painful.
  • Wear comfortable and fully covered sports shoes to protect your ankles from any sudden shock during landing.
  • Avoid carrying any expensive items in your pocket such as smartphones, wallets, jewelery and anything else. You can either avoid carrying all the goods or use locker facilities provided by the operator.

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Do you want to make your trip thrilling? Add an adrenaline sweetener to your dull life by flying high in the blue city and feel alive with joy. Experience Jodhpur as before with unique and world-class Ziplining adventure activity at Flying Fox. Slides like a Batman atop an amazing view of the desert, lake, hills and magnificent gardens. We hope that our guide to Ziplining in Jodhpur has awakened the adventure seeker in you. Therefore, do not wait for the right time. Just book a customized tour of Jodhpur and leave you behind while zipping to Flying Fox.

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Frequently asked questions about Ziplining in Jodhpur

Q. What exactly is flying fox?

a. Flying Fox is a zipline service provider. It is one of the best zipline tour companies in India which offers a challenging and thrilling experience.

Q. What is Ziplining?

a. Ziplining is an adventure sports activity where the zip glides through strong cables or zip lines that are attached by a harness and pulley.

Q. What does the Flying Fox include in the Ziplining tour?

a. Flying Fox offers various packages that are sure to make your experience memorable and fun. Each tour / package includes a safety guideline brief, tests on 15-meter small ziplines, trekking dicks, and all 6 ziplines in Jodhpur as part of the package. Throughout the Ziplining session, a trained instructor and drinking water accompany the zipper.

Q. How long does the Jiplining Tour take place in Jodhpur?

a. Several factors that affect group size, fitness of the zip and weather conditions such as the duration of Ziplining seizures. However, the average time for a full group tour in Jodhpur is around 2 hours per zipline tour. Each tour consists of a 20-minute safety briefing, a 5-minute hike to the starting point and the rest of the time to entertain you.

Q. How to book Ziplining Tour in Jodhpur?

a. You can book your Ziplining Tour with Flying Fox at via debit or credit card. Payments for all advance bookings are accepted online until midnight on the day of your zipline tour. For instant booking, you can pay directly by cash or card at the booking office at Mehrangarh Fort.

Q. What is the cancellation process?

a. If you cancel your booking 24 hours before the tour, unfortunately, the Flying Fox fee becomes full. The same applies if you arrive late for your tour because the time can be used for another client. However, if there is a possibility the company tries to accommodate you on a different tour.

Q. Who can do Ziplining?

a. Ziplining can be done by anyone with a height of 4 feet and 7 inches. Nevertheless, the maximum weight allowed by the operator in Jodhpur is 115 kg.



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