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Guide To Spend A Sparkling Vacation In Italy

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Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations and needs no introduction. The month of June is the best time to visit this enchanting country. Italy in june The landscape is rich in natural beauty, including seafaric mountain ranges, beaches and beautiful canals. Home to the Renaissance, Italy has a strong cultural heritage and June is the best period to explore magnificent Italian architecture, art, and its magnificent Roman history.

Read on to get answers to your questions about your vacation to Pizza Land. We hope that this guide serves as a backbone for your next European trip!

Weather in italy in june

Weather in italy in june


June is the beginning of the summer season in Italy. And summers in Italy are quite pleasant, relieving harsh cold and beautiful sunny weather. This is the perfect time to travel to Italy and hence it is also an extreme tourist month. The temperature varies from 13 ° C to 30 ° C. South Italy is warmer than the northern parts of the country.

Popular festival in Italy in June

Here are the top annual festivals that make visiting Italy in the month of June very special. If you are planning to travel to Italy in June, make sure that you can experience some of the following extras.

1. Festa della Repubblica

Festa della republica

It is one of the largest national festivals in Italy. The country was declared a republic on this day in the nineteenth century. You will see a very good celebration of fireworks and parades all over Italy. It is also a national holiday. This day is celebrated every year on 2 June.

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2. Verona’s annual summer opera

Verona's annual summer opera

It is Italy’s largest opera festival that takes place annually in June in the historic Italian city of Verona. The festival is given a splendid location – the Arena de Verona – a historic ancient architectural marvel that is an open amphitheater with a seating capacity of over thirty thousand. The festival sees some of the best opera stars from around the world who participate in this colorful extravaganza.

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3. Patron Saint Feast Day

Patron saint festival day

It is an annual festival that takes place in Rome every year on 29 June. This annual feast is for St. Peter and St. Paul – the two patron saints of Rome. A grand celebration takes place around the Basilas of St. Peter and Paul in Rome. It is a public holiday in Rome. Similar patron saint feast ceremonies take place in June in other cities of Italy – Florence, Genoa and Turin.

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4. Festival of Two Worlds

Festival of two worlds

It is a musical extravaganza that begins in Italy every year in June. The staggering festival sees many grand performances by some of the world’s best artists. Performances include music, theater, dance, opera and concerts. It occurs in Spoleto, a small town close to Rome in Italy.

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Italy in June: 5 popular places to visit

June is a beautiful and awesome holiday time to visit in Italy.

1. Rome

City of rome


The capital of Italy was also the capital of the former Roman Empire. The city has been a major center during the Renaissance period and one can find the number of architectural wonders of the time. One of the best cities to explore Renaissance architecture and strong ancient cultural heritage.

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2. Tuscany



The Tuscany region in Italy is out of this world. This heavenly region is filled with paradiseal hills, amidst natural greenery, beautiful vineyards and olive groves. The popular hill station in Tuscany is – Florence. It is also the wonder house of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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3. Venice



Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. A very unique city, it is built atop a lagoon and consists of 118 small separate islands connected by bridges and canals. The city has been popular among the most romantic cities in the world. Stunning and enchanting waterways make this city a center of attraction.

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4. Pompeii



It is a historical city of the erstwhile Roman Empire. The city is said to have been covered under volcanic ash for over 1700 years. This amazing city excavated in the 18th century is a wonderful wonder of Roman architecture. One of the best places to visit is if you want to learn about the great Roman civilization.

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5. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast


This coastal area is located in the Campania region of Italy. Amalfi beach is popular among tourists due to its attractive beauty. This picturesque and exquisite coastline has some spectacular resorts, villas, lemon tree gardens and magnificent beaches. Amalfi is the place for you, for the true feeling of a beach vacation. There are even more exciting range of sports activities available at your service. Head to Amalfi today because you are missing so much!

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5 popular activities to try in Italy in June

If you want to find the best time for your holiday, there are some things to try while vacationing in Italy in the month of June:

1. Hiking Mount Vesuvius

Go hiking on mount vasuvius

It is one of the most popular mountains in the whole of Europe. Famous for its previous active volcano, the current volcano is not active and is considered safe for climbers. Many pedestrian enthusiasts travel the mountain and are enthralled by its crater and wondrous beauty. June is the perfect time to climb this stunning mountain.

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2. Visit Cinque Terre

Experience Cinque Terre


It is a wonderful national park which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area is famous for its five different villages, which are located here on the hilltop. It is inspired by the great experience and natural beauty of the Italian village culture. Get ready to enjoy a holiday full of surprises and expect the best time of your life.

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3. Try Pizza in Naples

Try pizza in naples


Italian pizzas are world famous and you can get the best Italian flavor in Naples. There are many fantastic pizza outlets and eateries throughout the city. Naples is easily the pizza capital of the world. Taste the basics, the very basics, where you get authenticity and experience like no other place in the world. When you are there and you have enough time, you can also enroll in the popular Nanna’s cooking classes across the country.

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4. A Good Luck Coin in Trevi Fountain

A Good Luck Coin Toss at Trevi Fountain


The Trevi fountain in Rome is famous for its ancient belief of coin throwing here. Throwing coins is considered to bring good luck and prosperity. It is a shimmering fountain and a magnificent piece of architecture. A wonderful and world famous place for you to explore an authentic European experience. You get information about ancient civilizations that this place is a part. Monuments, things you see, buildings and roads remind you of those times.

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5. Take a boat ride in Lake Como

Take a boat ride on lake como


Lake Como offers a delightful boat ride, especially in summer – when the sun is shining, the surrounding mountains are covered with beautiful greenery and the shimmering waters of the lake make it captivating. Lake Como is located in Lombardy and is incredibly vast. You can spend an entire day here to enjoy your ride, taste some delicious Italian food at the lakeside restaurant and spend some time on the streets.

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Italy is a beautiful and exquisite tourist destination. The journey of this country in the month of June is special due to its vibrant weather and the beginning of the peak tourism season. Now you know how exciting a trip to Italy is going to be in June, why don’t you Plan your trip Immediately to this amazing destination?

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Frequently asked questions about a trip to Italy in June

Q. In Italy hotel rooms need AC in June?

a. Yes. Generally it is quite pleasant in June but sometimes it can be a bit hot. It is advisable to stay in a hotel where AC is available.

Q. Is it cheaper to travel to Italy in the month of June?

a. No. As it is peak tourist season and the major tourist destinations in ITli see a good crowd of locals and foreigners, it becomes slightly more expensive in June.

Q. How far is Cinque Terre from Rome?

a. Cinque Terre is about 450 km from Rome. The road trip from Rome to Cinque Terre can take about 5 hours.

Q. Can shorts / skirts be worn in Rome’s churches in June?

a. Avoid wearing shorts or skirts when you are visiting churches in Rome or if you are visiting the city of Vatican.

Q. Is Rome crowded in June?

a. Yes, it is a bit crowded in Rome in June and other tourist destinations in Italy as the peak season starts in June. However, June is still less crowded than July and August.

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