Guardians Of The Galaxy Are Officially Replacing The Nova Corps

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the new Age of Space is being set up and the Nova Corps needs to be replaced.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Guardians of the Galaxy #12.

The Age of Space is here after the latest issue of Guardians of the Galaxyand the titular team of outlaws are going to officially replace the Nova Corps as the Marvel Universe’s sanctioned cosmic protectors. In recent issues, the Guardians have been at war with the Gods of Olympus, who are seeking to bring about a new age of war and chaos to the universe. While the Guardians manage to defeat and trap Zeus himself, it turns out that this was an audition of sorts by the Galactic Council who’ve now come to the Guardians with a new proposal for their team.

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In this current run of Guardians of the Galaxy from Al Ewing and Juann Cabal, the Guardians have undergone some big changes, adding new members to their line-up while also having some major status quo changes – such as Peter-Quill’s evolution into a literal Star-Lord as Master of the Sun. After 12 issues, the Gods of Olympus and the Guardians finally go to war against one another. After a massive battle in issue #12, the Guardians emerge the victors after defeating all the gods. Zeus, in particular, got a nasty beat down. Star-Lord not only shot his eye out, but he combined his powers as Master of the Sun with Moon Dragon and Marvel Boy to fire an incredibly powerful black hole bullet into the god, trapping him in a realm with no suns.

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However, once the dust settled, Super Skrull arrived with an entire fleet of ships from the Galactic Council that had all been secretly waiting in orbit to defeat the Gods had the Guardians failed. Super Skrull shares the news that the Galactic Council can no longer allow the Guardians to operate as they have been among the stars. However, the galactic economy is in shambles after the end of the Kree-Skrull War, so the Galactic Council is unable to fund a new Nova Corps. As a result, the Guardians will now be the new official protectors in a New Age of Space, with the complete backing of the Council.

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Complete with matching uniforms and res to respond to aid when needed, the Guardians are headed towards a brand new era at the end of this issue that will be explored in earnest in upcoming issues. While this is something that’s been teased by Marvel Comics for a while now, the reveal that the Guardians have been hand-picked to replace the Nova Corps is rather interesting. It also makes sense, as the teasers and previews have seen the Guardians’ roster expanding to bigger levels than ever before (including the surprising addition of Doctor Doom).

In any case, the Age of Space is here, and it comes with the epic defeat of the Gods of Olympus. The Guardians of the Galaxy have proven their worth once more, and it’s going to be really interesting to see how they operate in future issues now that they’re all an official superhero team replacing the Nova Corps in the galaxy, rather than the band of outlaws they’ve always been in Marvel Comics.

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