GTA Online Is Lil Nas X’s Choice For Hosting Virtual

Lil Nas X thinks that Grand Theft Auto Online should host its own live concert series, and fans think he’s the perfect choice for its first performer.

Lil Nas X believes that Grand Theft Auto Online should be the next game to host virtual concerts. In-game live entertainment has grown very popular in the past year as musicians sought ways to safely perform during the pandemic, when real-life concerts weren’t (and still aren’t) an option. Fortnite, Roblox, and more have already hosted virtual concerts with the world’s hottest musicians, though GTA Online has yet to join the trend. Still, in the “Old Town Road” rapper’s opinion, Los Santos is a location worthy of taking on the virtual music challenge.

Virtual concerts in video games were around long before the pandemic. Back in February 2019, Fortnite hosted its first-ever in-game live concert with popular DJ Marshmello, and the event was a huge success. The concert set the stage for the game’s Travis Scott concert just over one year later, and other video games quickly followed suit. In a time when gathering together in person was strictly prohibited across the globe, these virtual concerts served as a way for friends and strangers alike to safely enjoy their favorite musicians. Beyond that, virtual concerts opened the door in terms of accessibility for fans who may not have ever been able to attend an in-person musical event. Even after the pandemic, it seems that video game concerts will likely stick around.

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It’s time for GTA Online to hop on the virtual concert bandwagon, and the platform may already have its first performer — Lil Nas X. The rapper tweeted over the weekend that “GTA should do virtual concerts,” resulting in a wave of agreement from fans. Lil Nas X didn’t elaborate on his opinion, but it seems safe to say that he would be first in line to take the virtual stage in GTA Online. He’s already no stranger to in-game concerts; Lil Nas X performed a Roblox concert series back in November. In fact, his series was enough to blow Fortnite concerts out of the water with 33 million viewers. If anyone can bring in a crowd to GTA Online‘s first concert, it’s Lil Nas X for sure.

In any case, Rockstar Games already set the stage in December for virtual concerts with GTA Online‘s Cayo Perico Heist update. The Los Santos beach location features a new nightclub called The Music Locker, which has hosted music from real-life DJs Moodymann, DJ Palm Trax, and more. Why not take the nightclub a step further with full live concerts?

Of course, GTA Online concerts would likely see a different audience than those of Fortnite or Roblox. The game’s mature rating makes it less family-friendly, meaning a smaller demographic for concerts. Still, GTA Online reached a record number of players in 2020, so the potential is there for a massive turnout should Lil Nas X perform. GTA Online is truly missing out if they don’t take advantage of live performances. Perhaps Lil Nas X’s suggestion will be enough to get the ball rolling.

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