Gronk And Tom Brady Sign New Contracts With Tampa Bay

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski both made a very good team with the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going all the way to a recent Super Bowl championship win. Now, both players have re-signed a new contract with the team and to try the whole thing again, Brady signed a four-year deal worth about $ 50 million and Gronk signed a $ 10 million-a-year deal. Signed the deal.

In a recent TMZ Sports interview, Gronk excitedly talked about his own deal, saying, “I’m back, man!” And that “I’ll keep playing football, man. I love playing football. I loved playing last year. I had a great time.”

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For Brady, it is being believed by many fans that the 43-year-old quarterback does not really intend to play through the entirety of his four-year contract extension, as it would take him beyond his ambition to stay. Sports until he turns 45 years old. A number of times he made deals with the New England Patriots, the deal was to creatively engineer more and more teams together and keep the Bucs under his salary cap. Still, Brady’s new contract is a lucrative one, reportedly with a $ 20 million signing bonus ($ 15 million will be postponed until next year), another $ 20 million roster bonus, and various other than base salary Millions in playoff performance incentives. Simply put, Brady is set to make $ 26.075 million this year alone, another $ 23.925 million in 2022 (preventing any additional lift, which is possible if he is playing at his current rare level).

Despite all this, ESPN reports that the contract ended up saving the team nearly $ 20 million:

Sources said the Buccaneers saved $ 19 million against the cap this year. Sources said the additional zero years are meant to reduce costs. This was another attempt by Brady to keep the team together as much as possible.

This year’s Super Bowl victory was Brady’s seventh and Gronk’s fourth, and they are now officially trying to stay in Tampa and make it eight and five respectively.

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