Groin waxing: mini guide to make it at home by yourself

In any self-respecting company, to better face the “enemy”, you must first know him well. War strategies aside, even the groin waxing requires some type of Preparation, to be able to do it alone.

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Groin waxing: how to prepare

As a first step, you need to evaluate the type of hair removal, that is, whether to make groin waxing total, or whether to do it more or less Stride, or more classic.

You will then need a razor electric that regulates the length of the hair. The shorter the hair, the less it will hurt to tear it. A clever gesture to make before epilating, wet the area with hot water for a few minutes. The heat in fact dilates the pores and facilitates the removal of the hair.

Which waxing to choose

It is time to choose the type of waxing. Among the various options on the market, the ideal ones for DIY are the hot and cold wax. The first, as the name implies, should be heated in the special saucepan, applied to the skin with a spatula and torn off with a raised wax flap. The second comes in the form of Stripes, to be slightly warmed between the hands, to be applied and pulled from the edge of the paper strip. Whatever your preference, choose a specific wax for the bikini area. It will be more delicate.

Ever heard of sugaring?

In addition to the two classic versions, you may also want to try it sugaring, or Arab waxing. It is a DIY wax, created with a few natural ingredients: sugar, water and lemon. The main difference with hot or cold waxing is that it does sugaring is less painful, because it only sticks to the hair and not to the skin. This makes it a perfect method for the bikini area and also ideal for sensitive skin. In contrast, the technique of applying Arab waxing provides a tear-off epilation that requires considerable manual skill, can only be acquired through study and practice. If you are a beginner it is not the ideal wax for DIY, but it may be in the future.

Groin waxing: mini guide how to

The theory is basically simple: the wax must be spread in the direction of the hair, from the root to the tip, and torn backwards after about 7-10 seconds of laying, keeping the skin taut with the hand in the opposite direction from the tear. Manualness is said to be the real secret to painless waxing. The gesture must be fast, immediate, dry. There is no room for hesitation.


You will need one tweezers to tear off the surviving hair, and a soothing product to be applied later, such as talcum powder, the aloe gel, or specific post-epilation lotions, which give immediate relief.


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