Green Arrow is About To Bring Down The Justice League

In Justice League #59, Green Arrow makes a comment that foreshadows a tragedy that was first introduced in Future State: Justice League #1.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for  Justice League #59

A seemingly innocuous comment made by Green Arrow will set in motion the destruction of the Justice League later seen in the Future State comics event. Of course, the future is not set in stone, but the way things are looking now, Green Arrow is keeping the Justice League on the same destructive path as they will be on in the future, so much so that it will later force the team of superheroes to completely change how their organization functions.

After a rather challenging skirmish against an unknown assailant is cut short, the Justice League meets up at its headquarters, where Green Arrow vocalizes a concern that he and his Justice League colleagues have been fighting together for so long that they are now always on the same page. And that’s not a good thing. They work too well together. He wants more dissent and disruption in the status quo. Differing opinions, he believes, could push them towards achieving even more good than they are now by stretching their horizons. Achieving this, however, would require them to accept more members into their organization.

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While this sounds good in theory, knowing what transpires in Future State puts a dampener on things just a tad for the reader. According to the future Superman, Jonathan Kent, the Justice League had accepted too many members, one of whom actually stole information about the Justice League and used it against them in an act of betrayal. The repercussions of that betrayal were so great that the original team’s members thought it best to keep their organization smaller and tighter to avoid such an incident from ever taking place again. An additional provision greatly restricted future iterations even more by limiting the amount of times the Justice League could get together, absolutely forbidding interactions among its members unless absolutely pertinent to a mission.

Interestingly, Superman never shares the name of the hero who betrayed the Justice League. Who could it be? As of now, the only person of interest is Black Adam because, strangely enough, he not only acts like a decent human being but even fights alongside the Justice League in Justice League #59, written by Brian Michael Bendis and Ram V. with art by Xermanico and David Marquez.

Black Adam has always been a bad guy, especially through his exploits against Shazam, so it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine him hurting the Justice League. But why would its members accept Black Adam in the first place? The fact that he’s acting decently could lead Green Arrow and Superman to bring him aboard, as his differing views would undoubtedly bring the dissent and disruption that Green Arrow feels his team so desperately needs. So the question remains: Why is Black Adam acting like a hero? And if he has had a change of heart, is it possible he later reverts to his old ways and betrays the Justice League?

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