Green Arrow & Batman’s Sons Are Going To War in DC Comics

DC Comics will soon be debuting their new Robin series starring Damian Wayne, and it looks like he’ll be going to war with the son of Green Arrow.

The sons of Batman and Green Arrow are about to go to war in the Lazarus Tournament. While DC Comics’ new Robin series is coming next month, backup stories in Batman and Detective Comics have set the stage with a prelude, featuring Damian Wayne’s return to his mother and the League of Assassins, as well as his decision to enter this mysterious tournament created by the League of Lazarus. Likewise, the League has their own champion, and it’s the long-lost son of Green Arrow himself, Connor Hawke.

In recent comics, Damian Wayne has had a very tumultuous few years, beginning with the death of Alfred, who often acted as a surrogate father in light of Batman’s predisposition to be emotionally closed off. Without Alfred, Damian went on a dark path, choosing lethal methods of justice that of course put him at odds with his actual father. While Batman tried to make amends and apologize for failing his son, Damian left the mantle of Robin and his place in the Bat Family behind. Now, backup stories in Batman #106 and Detective Comics #1034 have seen Damian thinking that his new path should be to return to his mother Talia and reclaim the title of Heir to the Demon’s Head, one day taking over from his grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul.

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As previously mentioned, the new Robin series from writer Joshua Williamson with art by Gleb Melnikov will see Damian choosing to enter the Lazarus Tournament, which is being held by an offshoot of the League that Damian has never heard of. Likewise, the League of Lazarus’ chosen warrior is Connor Hawke, which is a big deal considering he hasn’t been a part of the DC continuity since before The New 52 reboot back in 2011. As such, Williamson is very excited for the upcoming series, and he just revealed new cover art from Melnikov on Twitter, depicting Damian and Connor locked in battle.

It’s very exciting to learn that Connor Hawke will be making a return, as his entire history was essentially erased when The New 52 began. Furthermore, it seems as though the son of the Green Arrow will be coming back in a big way with this tournament. It’s also possible that this new version of Connor could have an entirely different origin and history than what was depicted in past versions of the DC Universe. Will Connor still have dedicated his life to following the career and training to be just like the father? Does Oliver Queen even know about Connor in this new continuity, or will he need to eventually discover who he truly is just like he eventually did in the past continuity?

Regardless, it appears as though Connor Hawke will be a very formidable fighter as evidenced by the League’s confidence that he can take down Damian Wayne, who’s one of the greatest warriors and assassins in the DC Universe. Either way, seeing the son of Batman face off with the son of Green Arrow will no doubt be an incredible spectacle to witness, no matter who emerges the victor when the series releases from DC Comics.

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