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Gray shatush on black hair: what you need to know – Fashion.it

Gray shatush on black hair: what you need to know – Fashion.it

They are among the most hair color trends cool in recent years: i grey hair and lo shatush Grey, recall the sophisticated appearance of a classy lady with silver hair, revisited with style.

However, obtaining the gray effect is not easy, and the long process of discoloration little adapts to black and dark brown hair. However, the exact same effect can be obtained by using a technique that acts on the lengths and not on the roots: the gray shatush on black hair is perfect.

It’s a essential rule: to dye hair gray it is necessary to bleach it, and often just one session is not enough. Discoloration is never a pleasant treatment for the stems and the skin, which are subjected to a large one stress, able to weaken, weaken, even to irreparably break the lengths, and to irritate the skin a lot.

However, discoloration is necessary to remove all the pigment from the hair fiber, and make it completely become White. It is from this candid base that we will start to then color gray.

The gray shatush on black hair, however, is the solution for all the raven hairs that have always wanted to become silver. According to this technique, the bleaching solution will be applied blending it only on the lengths, and never at the root, where the natural color will remain. Acting only on the lengths, it comes averted the risk of spoil your hair too much, especially in the delicate area of ​​the roots and skin, and having to be constantly attentive to regrowth, very difficult to manage with such a clear break between the natural black and the gray color.

Who are they good for? granny hair?

Pretty much everyone. The only attention to be paid is to shade of gray. To be chosen in multiple tones cold, tending to silver-platinum, if you have a light and cold complexion, or in shades of dark gray lead, if the skin tone is sallow.

Straight or wavy hair? Long or short?

The contrast of colors, the nuance and their brightness give the best on the hair long wavy with large waves. However, having medium hair is the best way to avoid ruining the lengths too much.

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