Grant Cardone’s Net Worth in 2020

What is Grant Cardone’s Equity?

Net value:$ 300 million
Born:March 21, 1958
Native country:the united states of america
Wealth source:Contractor
Last update:2020


Grant Cardone has overcome many obstacles in his journey to fame in real estate. His passion and endurance led him to great net worth and a large number of customers. Cardone is proof that you are not bound by your current situation.

In 2020, Grant Cardone’s net worth was around $ 300 million.


Grant Cardone was born on March 21, 1958 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Grant has four siblings, including a twin brother named Gary. Cardone and her father frequently visited real estate during a family outing, which sparked his interest in real estate. At the age of 15, he began to study the real estate process.

Grant had a relatively normal childhood and received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from McNeese State University. Shortly after graduating, Grant found himself in rehab and unemployed. He ended up working in the auto sales industry and saving money.


Career of Grant Cardone

At 29, Cardone bought his first property, a single-family home, which he rented. However, this property failed after a few months and he quickly sold it, promising never to buy a single family home again.

Five years later, he bought his first multi-family complex in San Diego, and a month later, he acquired his second multi-family property. In 2012, Cardone Acquisitions owned one of the largest personal acquisition portfolios in Florida.

Cardone is now the owner of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings and Cardone Group, all of which are multi-million dollar companies. His sales programs have been sold to thousands of companies and he talks to CEOs, executives, managers and entrepreneurs.

In 2011, Cardone gained popularity with a short program on National Geographic called Turnaround King. On the show, he used his skills and techniques to help struggling business owners jumpstart their businesses.

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Today, Grant Cardone’s net worth is around $ 300 million.

Grant Cardone’s Favorite Quotes

Best Grant Cardone Quotes 1

“Never fear enemies. You cannot reach your potential without them. “ – Grant Cardone

Best Grant Cardone Quotes 2

“You will never be admired without being criticized first.” – Grant Cardone

Best Grant Cardone Quotes 3

“Approach each situation with a state of mind, whatever it is.” – Grant Cardone

Best Grant Cardone Quotes 4

“Your greatness is only limited by the investments you make in yourself.” – Grant Cardone

Best Grant Cardone Quotes 5

“Focus on creating and producing a future, not what happened yesterday.” – Grant Cardone

Best Grant Cardone Quotes 6

“Get there early.” Treat people with respect. Perform at the highest level. ” – Grant Cardone

Best Grant Cardone Quotes 7

“I’m not going to work to work. I hate this saying! I want you to go to work to prosper. Go work for freedom. This is what wealthy people do differently from others. Rich people work for freedom. They don’t work for comfort items, not for a weekend, they work for freedom. ” – Grant Cardone

“Commitment is not measured by doing the things you want to do but by doing the things you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do them. This is how you get FREEDOM – sacrifice a few years for a life! ” – Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone’s net worth reflects his vast real estate portfolio and his multiple activities. His expertise has been used by many Fortune 500 companies and will continue to be used for decades. His current net worth is $ 300 million, but will continue to climb.

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