Google’s new Nest smart speaker is all but confirmed

Google has confirmed that this is what its latest smart speaker will look like, later this year.


Google Home fans, get ready. You are soon seeing an entirely new nested brand smart speaker – an update to the original Google Home After all, the car.

Google September 30 Launch night in event Probably a new nest speaker will be included. We’ve seen the FX filing under the name GXCA6, and Android Police and others received an official Google filing from Japan in July. Google independently confirmed with Tips Clear that it was indeed an upcoming Google device.

Recently, the new speaker was spotted at Walmart and a Reddit user apparently bought the speaker for $ 100. Those reports claim that the speaker is called Nest Audio.

Time makes sense. We usually look at Google hardware events, and Google’s event is hot on the heels of Amazon’s unveiling on Wednesday New echo speaker (And A bunch of other stuff) With a completely redesigned, rounded look and $ 100 price tag.

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What I’d like to see from Google’s next smart speaker


What else do we know?

Filing photos from Japan show the rumored new speaker with a familiar fabric cover of the previous speaker, but very different profile. It revolves around the fabric device, suggesting that it may stand vertically when in use – Google’s official photo also confirms it.

In the tweet, a photo next to the ruler indicates the speaker is about 8.7 inches (220 mm) long, which is long enough for the smart speaker line, and about 5.9 inches (150 mm) wide. The Reddit user who bought the speaker from Walmart also posted several photos that show their size compared to the Apple keyboard.

Documentation also confirms that there will be a 30-watt DC power supply, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. There is still no explicit USB-C port or auxiliary input. Other features are familiar, such as the silicon base and the G logo on the back half of the speaker. The mute switch is also visible in these photos.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Telecommunications Bureau of Japan

How does it fit into the Google Nest lineup?

It’s been four years before Google Home Smart speaker, and we’ve seen many since, including Home mini, Nest mini And Home max, As well as the emergence of smart displays Nest hub And Nest hub max.

This speaker is likely a replacement for the original Google Home, which is no longer for sale in front of Google’s online stores or at big-box retailers.

When will this new Google Nest go on sale?

We do not have the details, but it is likely to hit stores in the days following the September 30 incident. In addition to the official Google Photos above, Google offered this sneak peek “What the Nest team is working on from home”. Check it out:

Typically, we can expect to see a new speaker at Google’s annual I / O developer conference, which is usually held in May. Since it was canceled Coronavirus, And so much has already leaked, we are very confident that the speaker will make an appearance at Wednesday’s event New pixel phone.

How much can Google’s new Nest Home cost?

It is safe to assume that the purpose of this new speaker is to replace the original Home, so we would be surprised if Google puts it far beyond the $ 99 price. There are reports that when it appeared on the website of Walmart and Home Depot, the price was actually $ 100. This is in line with previous Google home speaker pricing. No wonder there.

In comparison, the Nest Mini retails for $ 49 (although Google regularly discounts companies with fewer smart speakers and the like Spotify often gives it away for free With a premium membership), so we expect that it will definitely cost more than this.

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