Google Meet or Zoom: which to choose and why

Google Meet or Zoom: which to choose and why

Google Meet or Zoom

It all started a few months ago when we discovered the joys and pains of life by videoconferencing: communicating with friends, relatives, colleagues has also become a matter of apps. The old dear Skype has given way to new rivals like Google Meet or Zoom, the “office” version of hangout, the Gmail messaging system. Two technologies capable of connecting several people at the same time, giving life to a mosaic of faces, smiles, words that soon became the stylistic figure of the lockdown. But having space for only one of them, which one should you bet on? Here are some considerations …

1. Google Meet VS Zoom: how many users online?

Both the Google app and Zoom allow group video calls. Both allow you to invite up to 100 people at a time, but Google Meet only shows us 10 videos, while Zoom shows us 49. Verdict: Zoom wins

2. Google Meet VS Zoom: how long?

In the free version, Zoom allows us video calls of 40 minutes maximum. Then the line falls. Google, on the other hand, is more generous: the time available for us to video chat for now is unlimited. After all, being one of the largest hi-tech companies in the world has its advantages. Verdict: Google Meet wins.

3. Google Meet Vs Zoom: aces in the hole

Predictably, both apps focus on some unique features, which could make us lean towards one or the other. Zoom stands out for its style: seeing 49 people shaking, smiling and talking on the screen has its reason. And then we can set up a variety of colorful backgrounds that makes it feel like we are in a different place from our sofa. Google Meet, on the other hand, throws it into practice: it is easy to use, even from the web, without having to download anything. And then it is compatible with all other Google services, such as Gmail or Google Calendar, which most likely are already part of our technological bouquet. So we don’t even have to sign up. Verdict: parity.

4. Google Meet VS Zoom: compatibility

The good news is that both are compatible with almost all smartphone, computer and browser operating systems, in the web version. And both integrate with other services like Skype for Business. Zoom, in the business version, also integrates with Facebook Workplace, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Google Calendar and others. Verdict: Zoom wins (but only slightly).

5. Google Meet VS Zoom: the costs

And we come to the costs. The 2 apps are freemium, i.e. you pay if you want more features. The premium subscription to Zoom starts at € 15 per month and allows 24-hour meetings with 1 gb of online space to store video call recordings. Google Meet, on the other hand, offers its services for free until 30 September, to help users communicate during the lockdown (someone maliciously might think that it also gets rid of the competition, editor’s note). This means that we can host meetings up to a maximum of 250 participants, live streaming up to a maximum of 100,000 spectators and we can record video calls and save them in Google Drive, without spending a euro. Verdict: Google Meet wins.

6. Google Meet VS Zoom: privacy

With Google, the privacy issue does not change much, if we already use its services. Of course, it’s about offering him another piece of our lives. But if it has gone well so far … With Zoom instead it is good to consider the safety problems that emerged from its rapid rise during the coronavirus pandemic. Experts expressed concern about the privacy risks and vulnerabilities of video conferencing software, as well as about zoombombing, where uninvited attendees enter and end meetings. Zoom said they are working to resolve these and other problems, such as the lack – to date – of an end-to-end encryption system, which prevents hackers from stealing the content of a conversation between two or more people. Verdict: Google wins (yes!).

In short, better Zoom or Google Meet? The answer is … It depends on us. If we are looking for an app for a half-hour video call with more than 10 people and we don’t have too many privacy concerns, then Zoom is the right one. If, however, we are satisfied with fewer people on the screen and we want to make it easy, better Google Meet, since in 99% of cases we will not even need to subscribe to the service, as we already are. How to tell each one his own, or rather his … app.

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