Google is working on dark mode for Chrome OS, here’s how to try it

Google is working on dark mode for Chrome OS, here’s how to try it

Chrome OS Dark Mode
Google is working on dark mode for Chrome OS
  • Google has started testing a system-wide dark theme for Chrome OS.
  • Assuming your Chromebook is on the Canary Channel, you can check it out.
  • No word yet on when we can expect a stable release.

Chrome OS may finally get a dark mode. Over the weekend, Android police A change was noted in the Canarian Chrome OS channel indicating that Google is at least working on a system-wide dark theme for Chromebooks. It’s not clear when the company plans to roll out the feature to a stable build of Chrome OS. However, unless you’re running a Canarian build of the operating system, you can check now.

Chrome Chrome OS

First, add “chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark and chrome: // flags / # enable-webui-dark-mode” to your URL bar and then toggle both flags from the drop-down menu . And that’s it, you can play around with the new system theme to your heart’s content. Remember, what’s here is at an early stage of development. You are likely to run into bugs while using the theme, and as Android Police points out, not every element has been properly skinned yet. The title bar is a good example (see above).

The fact that Google is working on a dark topic for Chrome OS is welcome news, though. Both Windows 10 and macOS have had system-wide dark modes for a while. Not to mention, it has been part of Google’s mobile operating system since Android 10 was released last year.

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