Google discontinues the Nest Secure Alarm System, report says

The Nest Secure Alarm System has been shut down.

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

Google has stopped Nest safe, Of the company DIY Home Security SystemAccording to a Android police report. Announced in late 2017 for a starting price of $ 499, the Nest Secure Alarm System was Google’s high-end answer from other self-installed home security systems. SimpliSafe, Dham, Scout And others. Nest Secure was a solid system for people who had already sold on Nest Smart Home and planned to add – or Nest thermostat And other related nest devices in the mix.

This news is as follows Google and ADT partnership announcement In August, which closed in September. Google has invested $ 450 million in ADT in exchange for shares of Class B common stock, giving Google a 6.6% stake in ADT.

The purchase button on Google’s product page for the Nest Secure Alarm System now reads “no longer available”. Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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