Google debuts Assistant work routine’ for those still working from home

google pixel 4 xl revised assistant

  • Google introduces a new work routine in Assistant.
  • The routine is designed to help home users balance their work and life plans.
  • The routine can be activated on Android and iOS.

With your life revolving around the Google ecosystem, assistant routines have become an integral way to perform multithreaded tasks with one command. Now the company has announced a new pre-built work routine designed to help those who still work from home.

The routine – if enabled on iOS or Android – will remind you to get up and stretch regularly, remind you of the time, or simply warn you when it’s time to pack and relax. These warnings and reminders can also be tailored and adapted to your work day.

Google also confirms that other assistant functions such as reminders, agenda lists and daily snapshots are available outside of working hours.

The routine seems like a fairly straightforward, straightforward introduction, but it currently deals with a major problem in the world of work. Finding the balance between work and home has become one of the silent challenges of 2020. The addition of Google, at least for those using the Assistant at home, should help those who feel overwhelmed and disorganized.

For those looking to save time remotely, we have resources for readers who work from home and away from the office. You can find more tips and tricks here.

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