Google Assistant wants to talk you through your work day


Google has focused on continuing its collection of updates working from home And comprehensive compatibility for life in quarantine and smart-light sleep features with Wednesday’s announcement of work routines.

Work day routine

With the workday routine, you can create a defined set of Google Assistant reminders to keep your entire day on track. The Assistant app for iOS and Android has a preset routine, but you can customize each item to fit your day.

For example, you can set up a routine that reminds you to drink or drink a glass of water every day at 10 in the morning. Then, at 2 pm, your assistant can remind you to take a walk or prepare for your daily conference call.

In addition to specific reminders throughout the day, Google Assistant will regularly share time with you. Weekday routines are rolling out in English for this week Smart displays, Phone And The speakers.

Gentle sleep and wake up

Google Assistant is stepping up its sleep game with stepped functional functionality with gentle sleep and wake features Smart lights. This feature is running for all smart lights; It was previously only compatible Philips hue bulb.

With the voice command, “O Google, let my lights sleep at 10 o’clock at night,” your lights will slowly fade to encourage sleep. For a gentle wake up, “Hey Google, wake up my lights at 8 am” and your lights will change color to wake you up. If you have a Google Assistant alarm present, you can say “Turn on Gentle Wake Up” for Brightening 30 minutes before your alarm time.

This is just another update announcement in the smart home update released by Google this year. Netflix came to Smart Display in July, while zoom and meat group calling also made their way to smart displays this summer. This is in addition to other smart display updates, better broadcasts, multiroom audio and visual games such as Japanese.

with September 30 event On the books, it is possible that we will announce smart home products and features very soon. Stay tuned to Tips Clear for Google events and everything else.

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