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Good Morning Humanity: the new Lavazza – Fashion campaign

Good Morning Humanity, the Lavazza campaign

You have the love of humanity in your heart. You have the power to make this life free and magnificent, to turn it into a wonderful adventure … We all fight for a new world, a just world that gives everyone a job, young people a future and the elderly security. We fight to free the world by removing borders and barriers.

Good Morning Humanity: the new Lavazza - Fashion campaign
Good Morning Humanity: the new Lavazza – Fashion campaign

The intense words of the Speech to Humanity by Great Dictator in the eponymous masterpiece by Charlie Chaplin they are the basis of the concept of the new global communication campaign by Lavazza. Listening to them is deeply moving, especially in this moment when we are all wondering which humanity will emerge from this pandemic. And then we are comforted by the prefiguration of a new world on the horizon, ready to welcome a rediscovered humanity that looks to the future with positivity, redefining the dimension of the relationship between the individual and the community.

And this is precisely Lavazza’s narrative approach to the countryside Good Morning Humanity, created by the Armando Testa agency: an adherence to new values ​​that Lavazza finds current more than ever in Charlie Chaplin’s film.

We want to speak to people’s hearts with a positive message from the past “, said Carlo Colpo, Group Marketing Communication Director and Brand Home Director of Lavazza. “Lavazza takes a position and decides to go beyond the role entrusted to brand communication, becoming the spokesman for a powerful appeal in favor of the awakening of individual sensitivity. This is the good morning of a “new humanity” which makes progress, sustainability and tolerance the foundations on which to base our next renaissance “.

This is a commercial, aired from May 1, which also features some historical images taken by Steve McCurry, as well as by Dennis Stock and Jerome Sessini of the Magnum Photos agency, on the notes of “Rain, in your black eyes” of the Italian musician, Ezio Bosso.

The campaign marks an important chapter in Lavazza’s communication, which is also inspired by the concept for some future projects #TheNewHumanity. Among these the new Calendar 2021, in a coherent and integrated path with brand communication.

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