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Golf Gift Guide 2020: The Most Memorable Gift Ideas

Golf Gift Guide 2020: Certainly, the golfers on your list can always use a box of balls, and while they will surely appreciate a dozen ProV1s, they will last a few moments. The same is true for tees, gloves or even gift cards for the shop. For a more memorable gift that will bring a repeated smile to your player’s lips, every time they pick it up, you need to dig a little deeper, and go beyond the forecast. Here are six indelible ones that your favorite players will cherish long after the holidays.

Tag Heuer Golf Edition
Courtesy TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition Watch

Information is the key to a good round of golf. The TAG Hairs Connected Golf Edition Watch, paired with the brand’s smartphone app, will help your player plot their way through a round in more than 40,000 courses worldwide, allowing them to position positions in the fairway and GPS data will be provided providing yardage for coming to Green. Highly wide hole flyovers and weather forecasts are easy to read thanks to a fast OLED touch screen, 8 GB storage and 1 GB RAM. The watch also allows golfers to track and record shot distances, which are saved back to the app to provide statistical analysis. All that information gives your player better control over their game and where they can focus their attention for improvement. In addition, the clock can not only provide the golfer’s scores and puts, but also include other players in their fours. The 45mm case is crafted from light black titanium, so it will not reduce the weight of the swing and is loaded with many face options including a chronograph design of the stylish skeleton. Bonus: If your golfer enjoys going round and round in the club’s pool, it is water-resistant.

Titleist tsi driver
Courtesy image

Titleist TSI driver

Every golfer wants the latest and greatest driver. A big stick that moves and blows the strait, and the recently released title TSI does just those things. The driver’s face is made from 425 aerospace titanium, manufactured only in a Pittsburgh foundry, for added strength and elasticity for greater ball speed, while a new, more aerodynamic shape allows for greater speed and power is. The driver comes in two models; The TSi2 gives speed and forgiveness to less frequent players anywhere on the face in the face, while the TSi3 offers golfers who can hit it closer to greater control with a brand new Surefit track design that optimizes shape and trajectory Changes the center of gravity. More distance.

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Pxg iron
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PXG General 3 Iron

Few things will tickle more than a golfer’s new set and our favorite PXG’s Gen3 sticks check all the performance boxes for players of almost every skill level. All three models; Xtreme performance for golfers who need a bit of forgiveness, players for mid-handicapped players, and tours for quality ball strikers, with a thin, sturdy two layers of polymer inside a five-bar lattice frame HT1770 merging features steel face buttocks. Increases fast ball speed combined with better sound and feel. While girth titanium and tungsten weighting make them more forgiving when contact is less than ideal, well-struck shots fly high and hit softly green butterflies like scatter legs on round ground.

Courtesy image

ECCO M Golf Biome Cool Pro Shoes

Our game is one that is for walking and it is important to play well to keep the feet of the player fresh. Soft and light, ECCO M Golf Biom Cool Pro shoes not only provide excellent traction and grip during the swing for three zones of swing, they offer ergonomically enhanced soles, 100 percent waterproof Gore-TX construction and built-in grids. Also use. Midsole to release heat and moisture to maintain your player’s good gait.

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Gg rain suit
Courtesy image

Galvin Green Rain Suit

For golfers who need to get out of the rain or shine, a good rain suit is an important requirement and like most things, you get what you pay for. While it’s a bit of an investment, Galvin Green makes the finest foul weather gear we’ve tested. Not only are these jackets, pants, and insulation combo completely waterproof, windproof, and breathable. They also use stretch panels positioned along the golf movement to keep swing movement in mind and remain unrestricted even in a slump.

Pringle sweater
Courtesy image

Pringle cashmere sweater

Few things in this world feel more opulent than fine Kashmiri. But it also makes an excellent extra layer on the golf course. It is warm, it is soft, it breathes, and this arrival from the venerable Scottish producer Pringle. It is perfect for cooler weather from tee to green and stylish for adventure beyond the club.

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