Gold Jhumka A little bit more about the jewelry

Gold Jhumka A little bit more about the jewelry

Gold Jhumka Festive occasions call for a particular kind of makeup, and that includes adorning the lady with jewels. What better way to look classy and chic? This gold jhumka is decorated with little designs that give it a very subtle hint of glamour.

Nothing says festivities like a classic gold jhumka dangling from your ears. This particular golden jhumka from Charu jewels is studded with diamonds.  It is also very elaborate enough to show off the yellow gold. You will be able to see the beautiful cut at the bottom and edges.

Despite being gold-based jewelry, the studded diamonds seem to catch the attention since they are in large numbers. You will, however, be able to give the silver an elegant twist – since it is made up of diamonds, it can go with any clothes.

Gold Jhumka

A little bit more about the jewelry

Gold Jhumka

  • There are gold jhumka designs of all carat ranges right from 10 carats to 18 carats, and they differ according to the price. The insertion shape of diamonds is round.
  • They come with a “get many, buy one” offer along with a 30-day money back guarantee on the product. You can also get a lifetime warranty on them.
  • There are a mix and match of the carats in the gold. For example, the black pearl earring with diamonds has 14 carats of gold.
  • All the diamonds are IJ-SI rated, and you can be quality assured because of this. The diamonds are certified and brought from authorized labs to be embedded in these gold earrings.

Most of these jewelry pieces have 114 pieces of diamonds studded in them.

About gold shopping online

Gold Jhumka

When shopping for gold jewelry online, you will get a lot of options. You can choose the best ones by browsing through different gold jhumkas at various online stores (for example Gold24). You can even filter them according to your budget. However, most of the pieces of jewelry (especially jhumkas) are pretty close to the price range. You will even get mostly the same features.

Depending upon your likes and dislikes of the jewelry pattern and style, you can choose one. Also since you are purchasing online, you might want to look out for the companies that avail cash on delivery. Thankfully on this portal, you will be able to avail the same.

Is it gift ready?

Gold Jhumka

If you are thinking of gifting your wife gold jewelry this anniversary, then you have come to the right place. A beautiful gold jhumka is one every old adorns. The size does not even matter – although there are more prominent jhumkas that will make them look even more glamorous.

In case the person you want to gift it too has a subtle taste, you can go for the pearl embedded design. The pearl embedded ones are lighter, and they can even be worn when there isn’t an occasion. Perhaps this is the reason that such jewelry is being sported on weddings, events, Diwali parties, etc.

The design of the jhumkas

Gold Jhumka

There are several different kinds of designs but the one that would catch your eyes most are the ones that have a flower base. These seem to have a lotus base created with gold, and there is red stone studded. The dandelions seem to unite at the top with the other holder. This gives it a defined cut and finish.

At the same time, this diamond gold jewelry piece has many tiny embellishments. The first cut diamonds are kept in place with small diamonds. They reflect and shine brightly.

Most important info

Gold Jhumka

Serial no.Data
3Weight, ct0.51


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