Godzilla vs Kong’s Aircraft Carrier Idea Was Scrapped From

According to the film’s writer, the aircraft carrier scene from Godzilla vs. Kong was originally an idea scrapped from the 2014 Godzilla movie.

Warning: Spoilers for Godzilla vs. Kong ahead.

According to writer Max Borenstein, Godzilla vs. Kong’s aircraft carrier scene was apparently a scrapped idea from Godzilla (2014). Godzilla vs. Kong is the latest entry in the MonsterVerse that Legendary has been trying to create for the past few years. Their most recent entries were Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. This new film sees Kong and Godzilla facing off in a heated battle over who is the dominant Titan. Major actors like Millie Bobbie Brown, Alexander Skarsgård, and Rebecca Hall all-star in the movie.

There is a scene where Kong is being transported on an aircraft carrier away from Skull Island when Godzilla finds him and attacks the ship. It is the first of many big battles between Godzilla and Kong. The Titans battle it out in the water while the humans are left, just hoping to survive as the ship gets tossed around and flipped over. It is a fairly even fight between the two giants making the conflict even more epic.

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Interestingly, according to one of the writers on the film, Max Borenstein, there was another version of this same scene that was cut from the original Godzilla movie. At the time, the scene would have been too expensive and production-heavy to include. This is what Borenstein had to say about that scene in an interview with Collider:

“When I came into Godzilla…at one point in the process there had been a set-piece that was on an aircraft carrier and it was batted around by Godzilla and you were with the people as it [the aircraft carrier] got inverted… And then when I came back on this project [Godzilla vs. Kong] one of the things that I discovered…probably having nothing to do with the set-piece that I had once written, but here we were on an aircraft carrier having like a bad a** fight where the ship was going to get turned over and flipped. It was like this thing I had written once before.”

Godzilla vs Kong trailer featured king kong punches gojira

It is fascinating to see how a scene in Godzilla was almost the same scene that made it into Godzilla vs. Kong. This shows how interconnected Legendary’s MonsterVerse is shaping up to be and how big of a hand Borenstein had in all four movies. For over a decade now, Marvel has perfected the cinematic universe format that other studios have been trying and failing to copy. Now that Godzilla vs. Kong is already a huge hit, perhaps Warner Bros. will have two successfully launched universes following the DCEU.

Godzilla vs. Kong leaves open the opportunity for multiple spin-off franchises. There are still so many questions the film left unanswered. Audiences still do not know where Godzilla went off to in the end, what happens to Kong now that he is inside The Hollow Earth, or how Apex is going to handle multiple Titans still roaming the Earth. Each one of these topics could cover an entire movie. No future MonsterVerse project has been confirmed, but with the success of Godzilla vs. Kong, an announcement is surely around the corner.

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Source: Collider

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