Godzilla vs Kong Honest Trailer Knows The MonsterVerse

Godzilla vs Kong’s Honest Trailer knows what the people want and that’s giant Titan fights, not humans screaming about what’s happening onscreen.

The Godzilla vs. Kong honest trailer knows that people came for one thing only: the titular brawl. The fourth film in Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise has been highly anticipated since its initial announcement in 2015. Although it took some time to get there, the two titans finally came together on screen for the first time since 1962, and, by all accounts, it was worth the wait. Fans and critics both loved watching Gojira and Kong go head-to-head, but that was possibly the only part they loved about the film.

The human side of the MonsterVerse has long been its weakest point, and Godzilla vs. Kong certainly continued that trend. Still, the humans weren’t a detriment to the film’s success, with Godzilla vs. Kong surpassing expectations and becoming the fastest film to gross $200 million during the pandemic. $48 million of that came from the US, the largest box office opening in the US since theaters shut down in March 2020.

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The Honest Trailer knows exactly why Godzilla vs. Kong was such a success right out of the gate, and it wasn’t thanks to the humans at its center. Acknowledging the absolute absurdity of watching a giant ape and a giant lizard duke it out, the trailer riffs on the romantic tension between the two that has become a meme, asking why Godzilla and Kong don’t kiss. The narrator implies that that’d be better than watching the film’s human characters scrambling around screaming about what’s happening onscreen. The Honest Trailer simultaneously riffs on the film’s outlandishness while knowing that this kind of fun is exactly the point. Check out the full clip below:

It’s no surprise that anyone making fun of Godzilla vs Kong would go for the human characters. Even star Alexander Skarsgård knows no one cares about the humans. Ultimately, though, that’s okay even if it leads to Godzilla vs Kong forgetting a lot of the franchise-building that had already happened in the previous films, including the relationships between the characters and the discovery of Hollow Earth. While one scene early on makes it seem as if the Hollow Earth is a new discovery, fans know that this theory had been mentioned before.

However, all of this doesn’t matter when it comes to the titular fight at the center of Godzilla vs Kong. The trailer questions why the Titans, including the conveniently introduced MechaGodzilla, like to “spit in each other’s mouths,” hilariously referring to the fact that it seems like both Godzilla and his robotic counterpart are always trying to blow their Atomic breaths into their opponent’s open mouth. Godzilla vs Kong may end with a three-way fight between the unexpected mechanic Titan, but, at the end of the day, that surprise is worth it, even if viewers have to listen to characters needlessly explaining who it is.

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