Go Mountaineering In Nepal In 2020 And Find Your Answers

As Friedrich Neitszche puts it “He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary.” And honestly, nothing better than a climb to get over anything and everything! So, those who are great lovers of mountains and mountaineering, stay put. Let us tell you about a country nestled in the foothills of Mt. Everest and one that shares its border with India and China. Be it that you are a beginner or someone who has been doing it for years, Nepal has something for everyone.

Every year a large number of tourists visit Nepal only to visit the exquisite mountains and especially, Mt. Everest. The country is indeed small but its bounty is immensely large and beautiful. Places and sight from peaks fascinate the senses. The place is an absolute paradise for those who aspire for hilly places and mountains. Mountaineering in Nepal will let you make wonderful memories and much more!

Best Time For Mountaineering In Nepal

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Nepal is one of the most beautiful places on the earth just because of its bounty and the Himalayan range. The presence of Mount Everest in Nepal is enough to double the economy of the country. The best time to visit Nepal for mountaineering, trekking, climbing, and sightseeing can be from March to April and from September to December. Visitors can visit this place at the time of winter season because the sight of snowfall is exquisite and vibrant. Sometimes due to weather conditions, problems can happen otherwise it’s all right. Visitors are suggested to take care of all these things before planning to visit Nepal.

8 Top Spots For Mountaineering In Nepal

Here is the list of some beautiful mountain peaks in Nepal which everybody should visit on their trip to Nepal and enjoy the bounty of Nepal with their naked eyes.

1. Kala Patthar
2. Island Peak
3. Mt. Ama Dablam
4. Mera Peak
5. Pokalde Peak
6. Lobuche East Peak
7. Yala Peak
8. Pisang Peak

1. Kala Patthar

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When translated Kala Patthar just means a Black Rock but this one is a viewpoint from where one can view Mount Everest and have the pleasure of such tremendous height. The altitude of the place is about 5643 meters and is one of the top mountaineering in Nepal sites. Lovers of trekking can plan their journey from Kala Patthar and have the view of nature’s beauty at its best. If one is planning to have a trail to Kala Patthar then it will take him only a few hours. Experts advise going slow while on the trip to Kala Patthar and if you want to begin your journey in the field of mountaineering then you can have a good start at this place.

Location: Mt. Everest, Nepal.

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2. Island Peak

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Island Peak is the place from where one can get a view of the world’s 4th highest mountain, Mt. Lhotse. The place is slightly challenging, but after reaching this place one can have the view of Mt Everest and Solu Khumbu which makes it all worth it and this one of the top places for mountaineering in Nepal. This place can be a dream destination for climbers and trekkers. Island peak is situated at an altitude of 6189 mt. visitors are advised to visit this place by keeping proper timing with them as trekking to this place can take more than two weeks.

Location: Everest, Solu Khumbu region.

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3. Mt. Ama Dablam

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Mt Ama Dablam is one of the most popular places for mountaineering in Nepal which is not for climbing, but it is used for the expedition. This place is called the Matterhorn of Himalayas. This place is the center of attraction for most of the visitors and mountain lovers. From this place, one can witness the exquisite view of Mount Everest and Khumbu villages below. The view of Everest and Lhotse from this mountain peak makes the most beautiful experience in the world. This place is the third most popular Himalayan peak where visitors are allowed for expedition and sight-seeing. Climbing at this place is not easy for all just because of the high cliffs and only a skilled person can dare to climb this cliff.

Location: Everest, Solu Khumbu region

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4. Mera Peak

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The place called Mera Peak is one of the best sites for mountaineering in Nepal and climbing too. This place is based at an altitude of 6476 m. this place is situated in the Solu Khumbu region of Everest. While trekking and climbing, one can see the mystic and mesmerizing sights as well as the beautiful villages of that region. Mera peak is the only place where one can experience the world’s 3 best mountains, Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu. The place is completely natural and less technical than the Island peak. People can still use ax, rope and other important things which are used at the time of the expedition.

Location: Makalu Barun National Park, Nepal.

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5. Pokalde Peak

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Pokalde Peak is another one of the popular mountaineering in Nepal sites situated near Mount Everest. This place is a natural gift to trekkers and mountaineers and climbers. Interested people can visit the place and can go for trekking without taking an expert with them. This place is located 12 km southwest of Mount Everest. Because of the easy climbing to this place, even the common visitors can take a ride to this place as this is without threat.

Location: Solu Khumbu region, Everest.

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6. Lobuche East Peak

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Another beautiful Location for mountaineering in Nepal can be the Lobuche East peak. This place is located at an altitude of 6119m. From this place, one can take an easy view of the mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, AMA Dablam, Cholatse, etc. while trekking to this place one can see Kala Patthar and Everest base camp in the way. Climbing to this place is slightly challenging but there is no need to take and special training for this as a beginner can easily do the climbing with the help of fellow climbers.

Location: Solu Khumbu region, Everest.

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7. Yala Peak

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This is one of the most beautiful mountaineering in Nepal spots to view the Tibetan mountain Shishapangma which is 8013 m high. The place can be an excellent climbing spot for those who are aspiring to begin their journey of mountaineering. This lies in the region of Langtang, Nepal. The altitude of this peak is about 5520 m. This is a non-technical peak offering climbing to the lovers of mountains and trekking.

Location: Langtang region, Nepal.

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8. Pisang Peak

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Pisang Peak is one of the most favorite mountaineering in Nepal places for the trekkers coming in the Annapurna region of Nepal. This peak is slightly technical than any other trekking places so the climbers and trekkers should possess good health and physical fitness. Based at an altitude of 6092 m. Another important feature of this place is that it passes through Thorong La, the widest pass in the world.

Location: Annapurna region, Nepal

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What To Pack For Mountaineering In Nepal

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If you are planning for mountaineering in Nepal then packing the essentials with keeping the must haves in mind is very important. Some of the things you must carry are:

Equipment: Mountaineering equipment, GPS, Compass, Sleeping pads, Tent for hilly areas
Outfit: Jackets, Woolen clothes, Gloves, Socks, Windcheaters, Boots, Nuts
Miscellaneous: Dry fruits, Chocolates, Medicines, Insulated mugs

Permits For Mountaineering In Nepal

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The problem of permits one can face while being in Nepal. The place is full of high mountains and anytime anything can happen like landslides, avalanches, and other natural calamities. Tourists and visitors are required to take permit before visiting some important and risky place. Trekking and climbing in some areas of Everest are highly risky and hence permit cannot be given to the visitors and mountaineers. So those who are planning for this place must get proper information and then take tickets for this place.

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Tips For Mountaineering In Nepal

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There are some of the important tips which should be kept in mind for those who are planning to visit Nepal for vacations and holidays. Following these tips for mountaineering in Nepal will keep you safe and you will be able to enjoy the things enthusiastically. Take note!

  • As we all know that Nepal is in the lap of Himalayas, so the weather will be completely cold and hence you need to be careful while mountaineering.
  • Before going on a trip to Nepal one should get himself checked by a physician for his fitness and other important medical examinations so that they might not suffer after reaching Nepal.
  • Remaining at an utter cold place is completely difficult for the body. In that case, visitors and mountaineers are advised to keep dry fruits, and food materials with them so that they can consume food from time to time and the body can get energy.
  • Planning vacations in Nepal, then you must visit that place of nature with your family or friends. Remaining in a group will help you in collecting memories that you shall cherish lifelong.
  • Don’t forget to keep woolen clothes and jackets while going to a place like Nepal. Cold weather can seize your body and you might suffer from cold and your health can be deteriorated.

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If you are planning to go mountaineering in Nepal then you are probably doing yourself the best favour. Keep all these things in mind and be careful with things, especially the permits and don’t forget the equipment. Take a trip to Nepal and enjoy the beautiful and picturesque views and get that adrenaline rushing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mountaineering In Nepal

Q. Which mountain peak is highest in Nepal?

A. Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak in Nepal. It is about 8848 meters in altitude. This is the dream destination of all mountain lovers.

Q. What should be considered before mountaineering?

A. One should take special care of their capability and physical fitness before trekking and hiking in Nepal.

Q. What are the mountaineering spots in Nepal?

A. There are several mountaineering spots in Nepal like Everest, island peak, Mera peak, Lobuche peak, etc.

Q. Can we take children and old to the mountains of Nepal?

A. Children can go to the peaks, but problems can happen to an old person in the weather is not suitable for them.

Q. What to consider before going to the mountains of Nepal?

A. Some of the points are to be considered while going to Nepal like physical fitness, requisite documents for verification, etc.

Q. What is the best time to visit Nepal for mountaineering?

A. The best time to visit Nepal can be from March to April and from September to December. These are the best time to visit Nepal.

Q. Is mountaineering in Nepal safe?

A. Yes, it is safe when performed in the supervision of experts. Visitors are suggested to take advice from experts.

Q. What should one pack for a trip to Nepal?

A. Woolen and warm clothes, food items and things related to mountaineering should be packed. Trekkers can take their costumes along with the luggage.

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