Gli Infedeli is on Netflix. We talk about it with Massimiliano Gallo

Love and disagreement? Perhaps it would be more accurate to speak of the more classic “horns”, even if cloaked in a philosophical semblance, as it happens in the film The infidels by Stefano Mordini, arriving today on July 15th on Netflix. Based on the French comedy of the same name, it follows five stories of weddings, lovers and girlfriends. To give life to this trio of old friends think about it Valerio Mastrandrea, Riccardo Scamarcio and Massimiliano Gallo. Tips Clear asked the Neapolitan interpreter and son of art, already known for The bastards Pizzofalcone (currently with stand-by footage for via del Coronavirus), to let us peek through the skeletons of his sentimental closet to better understand these characters, between limping alibis and shameless lies.

What can we expect different and new compared to the French original?

The infidels in some situations it follows the screenplay of the original, but at the same time it recalls the episodic pattern typical of the old-fashioned Italian comedy. We did it by trying to give back through writing and our interpretations, precisely that “flavor” that remains inimitable for us.

You, Mastandrea and Scamarcio are three close friends in the film. Can you tell me one or more gifts for each of the two that you would like to have?

Di Scamarcio I admire the sympathy and ability to play down without ever taking himself too seriously, in short, he reminds us that ‘ours’ is a magnificent game. Mastandrea, on the other hand, shows the ‘distance’ he demonstrates towards situations. Sure, sometimes it may seem detached from the things it does, but it’s just a “different” way of seeing them. So I would like to have detachment and great irony.

Who do you recommend watching the film?

It is a film that I would recommend to all couples, both those who have a firm history behind them and those who have just started one. For those who still have to start it, then maybe it could be a dangerous or instructive lesson because love is a ‘toy’ without the instruction booklet.

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The story opens with her and Euridice Axen at the airport during a loyalty bickering. Have you ever experienced such a scene in reality?

I once betrayed my “official” girlfriend with another from Rome. Back in Naples, I took him to dinner by candlelight. He let me speak and slowly I realized that he knew everything, where I had been, where I had dined, in which hotel I had stayed (with the other), in short … I had fallen into a trap without knowing it. I could not imagine that the cousin of this young Roman woman had called her to tell her everything … And, in any case, I continued to deny until death!

Usually, in your opinion, do women always know when they are betrayed but in some cases pretend they don’t want to see him?

Women always know everything. They feel the stench (or perfume) of another woman, they know when the man lies.

Can you forgive a lie?

I could do it, but you have to understand what kind of lie it is.

Or is he better at telling her?

I have never been very good at telling them, if I care about a person I let myself be discovered, even if in the past for a period I moved well in this field, but what a struggle!


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