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A gift wrapped Christmas tips for different ways

A gift wrapped Christmas tips for different ways

A gift wrapped Christmas : We all know that Christmas is a time for gifts, fun and family reunion. Gifts are different. Some are creative, presented with an emotional touch. Some are expensive. Whatever gift it is, wrapping it up in a proper way can be difficult sometimes. Presenting a gift is really important. And presentation solely depends on how you wrap it up.There are lots of ways to present a gift-wrapped Christmas. Here is how you can wrap up Christmas gifts in different ways.

A gift wrapped Christmas

Using the Christmas light wrapping paper

This is one of the best ideas for a gift wrapped Christmas. You can cut the light papers in the shape of bulbs. Use different colored papers to portray different colored bulbs. Use a glue pen to attach them to a twine. And then simply wrap the cords around the package. That’s it.

Use the gift bags

We bet almost everyone has seen gift bags. These are available in retail stores and online stores. You can use them for your Christmas gift wrapping. These come in different colours. Use the plain paper bags that come with punches of colour.

Gift wrapping with multiple layers of wrappers

Now if you wrap a gift with multiple layers, it will create a different level of anticipation to the unwrapping process. And this unique wrapping shows your style as well. Use different wrapping papers and articles if you opt for multiple layer wrappers.

Using the mix tapes

This is a really cool idea. Use the Kraft paper with the festive masking tape, and the vertical strips that look just similar to a ribbon. If you can use a snowflake that is prepared from frayed candy cane coloured paper straws, it will be just a cherry on top.

Roadmaps gift wraps

You can use the freebie road map wraps. These paper road maps and the atlas pages are great graphic gift wrap. But DO NOT tie a bow on top of it. Instead of a bow, you can thread a thin cord through a vintage button. And then make a tight knot to secure the button.

Shadow boxes

These are really easy to create. All you need is to gift wrap the boxes with tissue paper in a normal way. Then add silhouettes from a clip art book, and cover them with the glossy layers of cellophane. You can add the speech bubbles stickers. These stickers add a nice final touch to the wrap.

SL NODifferent gift wrapsArticles needed to make them
1.Musical gift wrapJingle bells sheet, a satin bow
2.Tag team gift wrapWrite a message on a small card

Insert the card and cookie in a cellophane envelope

Punch two holes and tie a ribbon

3.Black tree garland and stamped wrapping paperA paper card stock, scissors, a sewing machine, 2-inch rubber eraser and a black ink stamp pad
4.Christmas chalkboard packagingBlack Kraft paper, white paint markers


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  1. sooo cute!! The gifts wrapping ideas has indeed win my heart. No wonder, the value of gift increases when it is wrapped in an attractive way. It very well shows the hidden feelings of the person who manged to put so many efforts to it. Firstly buying a gift and then imagining innovative idea of wrapping the priceless item. Assembling all those tits and bits no doubt makes the gift worth treasuring, of course with wrapping material. Wrapping ideas has put forward the innovative side of the writer. I must add, amazing ideas! keep it up.

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