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A Gift wrapped Christmas: The top ideas for Christmas gifts

A Gift wrapped Christmas: The top ideas for Christmas gifts

Christmas season is on the way, and people started their holiday season with Thanksgiving days. Although it’s hard to believe that the holiday season came this early for few, there is a holiday season upon us.

Now, many of you might think what kind of present should I give to their mum, friends, girl’s friends, brothers, sisters, etc. People always wanted to give some unique gifts and different gifts to make a special impact on themselves in the Christmas season. Now if you are one of them who strives to gift a present which will astonish your partner or friend or mum etc.

Then I am having a gift-wrapped Christmas idea where you can use them to fulfil your dreams by giving some unique gift and making others feel astonished with your presence.

Let’s get into the gift ideas for Christmas which will amaze everyone and gives them the personal touch; I have divided this post into your convenience so first let’s start with “unusual gift ideas for her” in this section I covered gifts for your lover, wife, sister, mum and aunt, etc.

Gift wrapped Christmas

These are the top ideas for Christmas gifts for her in 2016; I will go to inexpensive gifts to expensive gifts you pick your desired one.

  1. A Makeup Kit or makeup box:

I don’t have to say this especially, that women’s always love to do makeup, so it is always a good idea to present a makeup box or kit for them. You can see the spark of happiness in their eyes while gifting it.

  1. A Coffee Mug:

The coffee mug is one of the best gifts, but giving a regular coffee cup will be a bad idea. It is better to print their photo or either print a different caption which states your love towards them. It is the best kind of present for her.

  1. Perfume:

Women’s love to fresh and they would like to use the fragrances of the best perfumes. So it would be a nice present for your wife or sister or others. Perfumes are one of the best gifts for all girls and women’s but make sure you select the best scent which smells amazingly.

  1. Lighting up selfie phone case:

This is a period where people loves to take selfie whole day, so the lighting up selfie phone case will also be the best gift idea for the selfie lovers.

  1. Amazing Phone cases:

As we have looked upon the lighting up selfie cases, but girls also like to keep their mobile cases unique and different than others so you can make use of this idea and you can present a phone case which looks ravishing.

  1. Hand Bags:

Usually, women’s love to carry a handbag with them. Almost 90% of all women’s will have a unique passion towards the purses they always wanted to have a bag which is stylish and lovely, so you better present a beautiful handbag which is impressive.

  1. Scarf:

The scarf is perfect for the girls who’s always cold and who always want to roam. And we all know a mum who will be hanging in the rink from now until spring, so it is best to present a scarf.

  1. Rare collection of Flowers for beauty lovers:

Most of the girls love flowers and simply if they are beauty lovers then they would love having a unique flower collection. If you can get a bunch of flowers which are attractive and unique, then you can easily make them happy.

  1. Bosque boxes:

This is useful for women’s who need a place to store all her fancy gems and decorative stones collection.

  1. Cinema box lights:

This is a special gift for all the women who strive to need motivation for their daily works.

  1. Hand gloves:

New model hand gloves for all the women’s who aren’t ready for the winter yet.

  1. Chains:

Women’s love chains so you can present chains for them to make them happy, here if you have a budget, you can go for precious chains or else you can go for the coated diamond chains which are less expensive.

  1. Earrings:

People usually say diamonds are the girl’s best friends, but they surely love different types of earring too. It is best to gift them earrings which are having different and unique designs.

  1. Beauty brush:

You can give all kind of beauty brushes set to help her complexion while encouraging here to be beautiful.

  1. Birthstone dishes:

Birthstone dishes are the homemade stained glass dishes which are perfect for presenting a gift to your mother, sister, daughter or aunt. These dishes come with the colours of the traditional birthstone gems. With this recipes, women can showcase their things.

  1. Lipsticks:

Usually, girls love lipsticks so you can gift a premiere makeup line’s best lipsticks. Some might think this is a crazy gift but girls love premier lipsticks but don’t take a worst lipstick and be a crazy guy.

  1. Fashion footwear:

Who will say anything if you brought a perfect and fashionable footwear which comforts the girls? Think different and try the stay warm and cosy running shoe.

  1. Skin softening creams:

Women’s love to keep their skin soft and smooth, so if you can use a best softener cream, then It will be a lovely gift.

  1. Flashing lights:

You can give flashing lights which flash at and night and which look beautiful at night. Girls might love these flashing lights.

  1. Cute Clutch style handbag:

The regular handbag is different for the small carrying handbag and girls always love handbags in both models, so it is one of the best gifts for them.

  1. Cups sets of happiness:

Usually, these cups are different from the coffee mugs; you can present a cups set which indicates some message to her and her family. This is mostly the best gift for aunts and girlfriends.

  1. Comfort shapes pillows:

Decorated shapes and decorate designs throw pillows are loved by women’s you can easily gift them.

  1. Bangles:

Girls always love bangles, and they are obsessed in wearing them so you can easily gift them.

  1. Control arm gadgets:

Some girls are fitness freaks, and they always love to do the fitness activities for them you can give a control arm device which shows how relaxed they are doing exercises.

  1. Artic piece Jeweller

Women’s are obsessed with any artic piece of artists. They will always welcome of the gifts when you give them an arctic piece.

  1. Watch:

You can even gift watches to the girls; they always do care about the watches models. If you can provide them with an attractive watch, then they will love it.

  1. Flower bouquet:

Flower bouquet is a great gift for any girl or women, whether you are looking to gift for a personal friend, family or other neighbors or colleagues it is just a fab gift.

  1. Tasty cookies:

You might think that it is not meant for a gift then you’re wrong, cookies are gifted for the dear ones in many countries. So, it will be a beautiful gift but always make sure you presented tasty cookies.

  1. Smart jumping ropes:

Women’s always try to get rid of their calories and they quickly think the skipping and jumping ropes ideas. So you can give a high tech jump ropes which use LEDs to display a live “jump count”, and it can amaze your girl or women.

  1. Gift basket:


Gift baskets are the baskets which are having a full bunch of different tasty chocolates and cookies.


  1. Chocolates:


Girls especially love eating chocolates it is also the best way to gift your dear ones a handful of delicious chocolates.


  1. Gold collection:


Women’s mostly love gold and in India, they even obsessed by seeing the gold itself if you want to give a precious gift then you can make use of the best colour collections.


  1. Diamond collection:


Girls always love diamonds if you have enough price on your side you can easily gift them a precious diamond collection.


  1. Bracelet:


Girls love wearing bracelets; they are different types of bracelets so you can make use of any one which attracts you and you can gift them they will feel happy.


  1. Hand Crafted Gifts:


Girls love handcrafted gifts so that you can make use of any art. You can present a well-crafted and handmade gift for your girl to impress her this Christmas.


  1. Glass crystals:


You can find a glass crystal gifts in gifts shops and so on. Women love the glass crystals they can easily like your gift it is well shaped and designed.


  1. Glass greetings:


If you want a unique gift where you want to apply some creative thoughts in your mind, then you can create a drink greetings for you girls and gift her.


  1. Colourful candles:


Candles is a simple and yet effective gift which gives a pleasant feel. Which makes them feel comfortable.


  1. God idols:


Some women will pray a lot, and they are only dedicating their maximum time on praying God for them you can gift god idols, this is a unique gift for your mum, aunt and other elders.


  1. Wooden carved message board


Wooden carved are one of the unique gifts which tends to work great if you want to greet or thank any girl. It is an ideal and easy gift which doesn’t ruin that quickly.


  1. Lovely book or persons interested book:


If you want to make them feel pleasant, then you can easily gift them a book which they are either finding from different days or interested to read.

  1. Sarees:


Women would love sarees, especially if they were Indians then they love sarees so gifting them a unique and best sarees makes them feel like they are flying high.


  1. Customised chains:


The customised chains are very handful to gift you can only gift them by printing the message or picture along with your pic or message on the others side of the chain frame.


  1. Sunglasses:


You can present those sunglasses; it is a mostly useful gift for the girls and working women’s, they will only love them.


  1. Stylish running shoes:


Some women will do a regular exercise for them you can present running shoes. You don’t have to be a freak to give them you can give it.


  1. Baby peeking maternity tee:


If you want to gift a first-time mum or a maternity women, then you can easily use this as a gift.


  1. Luggage bags:


If you find your girl is travelling more than you can gift her a luggage bag with all her comforts easily filled on it and which is enough easy to carry.


  1. Photo albums:


If you have to give a simple yet useful gift, then you can create a photo album for you girl, and you can gift her.


  1. Multi kitchen tools:


Some women’s will do all the kitchen stuff, for them multi-kitchen tools is one of the best gifts to relieve their work to some extent.


  1. Cleaning Mops:


Women’s always clean their rooms with a standard stick or mop, if you find them having stress in working with it, you can buy cleaning swabs, but these gifts are likely to be gifted for older women’s but not young girls.


Until now we have seen gifts for her, now let’s move to him that means Christmas gift for your brother, father, son, boyfriends and uncle.


  1. Smart Watches:


Boys always like to use watches, but unlike women’s watches kids always try to be a geeky by using the smartwatch to show their attitude and of course style. They want to be different than others so mostly they prefer these.


  1. Leather wallets:


Boys always carry their wallets, so it’s best to present your man a wallet and they will like it.


  1. Headphones


You might think this is the wrong idea, but it isn’t boys love wearing a base noise cancelling headphones which are bigger in size and they are now moved to the wireless one even.


  1. Stylish caps:


When you are thinking to buy a present for boys and youth especially they love wearing stylish, so you can quickly offer them a lovely cap which is stylish. They won’t usually take an average piece of cap.


  1. Woollen coats:


Coming season is Christmas, and generally, boys love to wear woollen clothes which are having caps they just do it for the style.


  1. Shaving set:


You can gift them a shaving set for them; it is natural gift where you can present for normal.


  1. Cell phones:


If you have a high budget, you can quickly take a mobile phone, and you can gift them if they are youth means they will love this gift.


  1. Bike:


If you wanted to gift you, son, then you can try giving a present which is much expensive but it’s worth it. They would love to have a bike to roam around.


  1. Gadgets:


Men always like tech gadgets, especially if they are gadgets freaks, then they will love to have gadgets you can give them any devices.


  1. Wristbands:


You can gift the wristbands to your men; some men like keeping up with the trend they try different ways to keep up with the trend you can gift them a popular wristband. They will only love it.


  1. Perfect tie:


Your men is an office guy then you can gift him a perfect and stylish looking tie and make them look smart when then go to official meetings.


  1. Suit:


Men love suits because they look professional in those suits. If you are planning to give a gift that is somewhat worth the style, then you can think about the suits. They will love it.


  1. Keychains:


Some different key chains will always attract men; usually, youth like to take key chains, and they frequently change and try new models so you can gift them a key chain.


  1. Crystal glass:


If you men are having some party habits in weekends, then you can gift a crystal model glass. They would love having it on their weekends with some drinks.


  1. Beanbags:


You can gift this to the youth or ordinary men’s; it won’t affect them as they would like to sit on new kind of bags. So it can be a good present.


  1. Musical instruments:


If you men is a music freak, then you can give any of the musical instrument, and you can make him happy because they would love to have a musical instrument if they are music lovers.


  1. Modern music collection:


Some men will search for the favourite music collection which isn’t available readily in the stores if you want to surprise them this Christmas season then you can present them. They would love your surprise gift.


  1. Bottle openers:


If you men are having a habit of partying with the wine or beer, then you can gift them a unique collection of the bottle opener which is different and lovely.


  1. Pocket accessory:


You can gift them a pocket accessory which will have a pocket knife and pocket opener and some different stuff. It can be an odd gift, but it can be impressive.


  1. Capture camera:


Some men will like capture camera, and they love to capture every movement through them you can only gift a tiny capture camera to make them happy.


  1. Camera:


Cameras are different when you compare with the capture cameras. Usually, everyone loves the camera, if you have enough budget, then you can gift them they would love it.


  1. Beard kit:


If you men like to grow his beard to look unique, then you can gift him a well-groomed kit of beard oil and whisker washed and moustache wax to make their beard look impressive.


  1. Time lapse:


You can find the time lapse in some unique shapes you can easily gift them an individual time lapse they would love it directly.


  1. Custom links:


You can always gift them a brand of cuff links with some symbols. This custom was mostly an excellent gift for the special anniversary dates or special people.


  1. Instant home theatre:


Some men love watching movies, and they would prefer the instant home shows you can easily buy those to make them happy.


  1. Bluetooth speakers:


People always like to talk phones for hours and for those you can only gift a Bluetooth speaker they will love it for sure because they love talking.


  1. Gym equipment:


You can present any gym equipment to the men’s because they always love to shape up their body.


  1. Stylish t-shirts:


Men always like t-shirts, so you can print some unique message and make a t-shirt so that they would love to wear.  If you want to impress them, then you can go for a t-shirt which is unique and stylish.


  1. Professional shirts:


If you men love the shirt, then you can gift him the fitting and vocational shirts which make him look like a complete people. You can present them professional kind of shirts they will love it.


Until know we have seen both her and him, now let’s go to the kid’s gifts because kids love to take presents from their parents. So let’s start this kids gifts sessions.


  1. Toys:


Kids always love toys so you can quickly present a toy for them. On this Christmas Eve but make sure they love that toy don’t gift unwanted and worst toys.


  1. Video games collection:


Kids love to play video games; then you can present them the best collection of video games.


  1. Xbox:


To play video games, they need the best playing space; right you can gift them an Xbox which is loved by the most number of kids.


  1. Hatchimals toys:


If you kid is below seven years, then they simply like playing with the toys but above that they love playing with hatch males which are a sort of toy, but it is different than other toys with the movement.


  1. Building block:


Kids love to play, so if you want to make kind, sharp you can gift them building blocks where they would enjoy playing with them.


  1. Machine toys:


Kids love computer control toys like guns, cars, bike and so on. You can only buy a computer toys they would like them as gifts.


  1. Remote control presents:


Unlike machine toys you can find some toys which have the remote control access, your kids will love playing with those toys so you can gift them those.


  1. Designer coats:


Kids always love designs so you can gift designer clothes to make them happy. They would love them because they love those drawings.


  1. Cartoon characters:


Kids always love to watch cartoons now by seeing them they would like to have cartoon characters to play with them. So all you have to do is find a cartoon character your kind love and present them a toy with that character.


  1. Tablets:


Kid love to learn unique things you can give them a tablet computer or device to make them happy, you don’t have to keep a big price you can get the tablet PC for low prices as well.


  1. 3d glasses:


Kids love to watch anything which is impressive you can buy a 3d glass for them to enjoy playing with them.  They will love that present, and they would even like watching tv with those.


  1. Storybooks:


Kids love stories so you can give them a story book which is having a lot of images. They would like reading that book because they love seeing pictures and stories.


  1. Fairy tales:


This fairy tales is similar to the books, but these will have lots of stories in this, and they would check out all the fairy tales.


  1. Motion and Animation kits:


Kids love any toys which are having movement and which have the animation in it. So it is best to present them those, they will feel happy.


  1. Talking toys:


Kids always play with all kind of toys, but they love the talking toys. You can gift them talking toys to make them happy.


  1. Designed hand gloves:


Your sweetie loves to have the designed hand gloves. So to make them glad you can also give those things and see them happy.


  1. Drones:


You can present a drone to your kid to make them happy. This generation trending gift for the kids is drones. You can see a lot of crazy in that as well so buy a drone for your son and make them happy.


  1. Teddy bear:


Kids love to play with teddy, and if you have a girl child, then they would like to sleep with them and play with them, so it is always the best gift.


  1. Sky Flyer Drone:


They are different types of drones, and in that sky, flyer drones are always impressive, and your kids will love those drones while they are flying all around them.


  1. Robot toy:


You can gift the small robots toys, and they always like to play with robots so that it will be the best option.


  1. Kids watches:


Kids always love to wear colour watches so you can buy a present for them. It makes them look nice, and also it keeps them happy.

A gift wrapped Christmas tips for different ways


Those are all about the Christmas-wrapped gifts if you have anything to say they you can tell us. I hope you all like this Christmas wrapped gift ideas. It’s all up to you catch some unique gift and make your fellow ones happy.

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