Gift Basket Ideas DIY: Perfect Solution for Gift ideas

Gift Basket Ideas DIY: Perfect Solution for Gift ideas

Gift baskets and hampers are a brilliant idea. Gone are the days for a single gift for formalities. Everybody used to gift the same old dull Sceneries, some tea sets or some flower bouquet. Now the time has changed, people are getting creative and are now spending money to gift several things combined in a basket. The best thing about gift baskets that you can easily personalize them from some toddler to a hardcore sportsperson or even your partner.

The fantastic thing about a gift basket is that you can set any price range to it, you can make a gift basket of low cost or up to thousands of dollars depending upon your budget. But the idea of a gift basket is to bring happiness on the face of your loved one with some creative gift ideas, its never been about money.

Gift Basket Ideas
Gift Basket Ideas DIY: Perfect Solution for Gift ideas 1

Gift Baskets

You can fill the basket with anything you want, but going for a theme-based gift basket is the best idea I think. It will save you time to choose all the gifts. Also, the receiver will get the impression that you assembled it for them if you choose something that might be in their likes and interest list.

Just think would you gift some sports accessories to a tech geek? Nah I don’t think so. So it will be best to gift him what’s always in his mind or his needs. Also, I have got a fantastic idea for anyone out there who want to make efforts to put a gift basket for anyone. You can buy all the different gifts to put in a basket, but here’s the idea you can make your basket out of anything, a four-inch rope, glueing some woods together etc. depends on how much creative you can get and if you have time.

The key is to pick the items carefully and to get a bit creative with the presentation. There is no need to go expensive if you can’t afford it. Even some tea bags tied with a beautiful ribbon and a handwritten recipe of tea preparation will make the day of the receiver and make the bonds between you two stronger. It is not about gifts; it’s all about the feelings you express through some materials. So be creative and gift all the love along with the gift basket.


The most important thing is to choose a basket to fill up. Selecting a big sized basket will be more expensive to fill up, or if you cant fill that up, it will look cheap. So its best to choose a smaller size basket and to fill it up entirely. Make sure to select an inexpensive basket; even smaller size baskets can be expensive. So finding a cheap yet attractive basket must be the priority, but you can also re-use the baskets you have received.just avoid giving back it to the person you have received it from. Just make sure that the basket is suitable for the occasion. When it comes to fillers, the idea of using colourful shredded paper is still in fashion.


–    Select the gifting theme first and then choose a basket accordingly.

–    Place all the items on the table or nearby the basket.

–    Make sure you have glue, scissors, ribbons, shredded papers, tissue paper, tape, and cellophane sheets to give your basket finishing touch.

–    Fill up the bottom with coloured shredded paper to set things.

–    Place your centrepiece first, which must be the attraction of your basket.

–    Put more extensive and taller items behind the centrepiece.

–    Place the smaller items in front.

–    Use shredded papers to fill up the gaps or also you can use coloured hand towels.

–    Make sure to remove price tags of each item and basket too.

–    Give the basket a final touch with a cellophane sheet and ribbons.

–    Stick your wishes and other messages on the basket.


Gift baskets are always so fun and amazing to receive. But do you find it difficult to personalize a gift basket for someone else? Well, there is no need to worry; I have tried to gather some ideas to prepare a gift basket.

Garden lover –

Try to make a basket from a garden hose, putting is together making circles. Fill it with basics and fun gardening items like- gloves, flower seeds, sprayer nozzles, gardening tools.

Ice cream gift basket –

Everybody loves ice creams and frozen desserts no matter what season or time it is.  Put three to four types of various flavour or even all ice-creams can be of the same flavour if you know the person’s taste. Some chocolate syrups, maraschino cherries, Some wooden disposable spoons and a handwritten message will bring the smile on the receiver’s face.

Happy hour basket –

A bottle of wine, vintage or any other classicsal drinking glasses, a pretty tea towel, a baguette, grapes, chocolates. Put all these together, and a lovely message will surely cheer the gift receiver.

Soup basket –

Is it a windy day today or is it raining today? You can always gift a soup basket. All you need is to put all the ingredients which are used to prepare soups, add a pair of cute spoons, bowls, and some artisan bread.and do not forgot to add the soup recipe with a hand writeen special message.

Coffee lover gift basket –

This gift basket is something enjoyable and unique. People like their coffee like their wines. Pack customized coffee mugs, flavoured coffee packets, cinnamon sticks dipped in chocolate and wrapped in cellophane sheets with ribbons, vanilla syrup, and delicious biscotti for a coffee lover’s dream. And yep again do not forget to write a special message about the love of coffee and the person.

Gift basket for a couple – 

Line a basket with love sign towel, add a lavender candle, bath oil or bubble bath, bath salts, a favourite magazine, a romantic serial DVD, unique or favourite fragrance bottles all this can make a great gift basket for a couple. Do not forget to add a do not disturb sign (you can make that with cardboard, glue some colour paper on it) and a lovely message surely will bring smile and romance between the couple.

For breakfast in bed –

You can gift this to anyone a couple, your daughter or son living in a hostel far away or your partner who is away for a couple of weeks. Breakfast in bed is a great idea. A jar of pancake mix is a beautiful choice with a recipe attached to it, some colourful flowers, a packed fresh juice bottle, a cute bottle filled with honey and yep a sweet message will bring the charm.

A traveller’s gift basket –

You surely know one or two people in your life who are bitten by the travel bug. A favourite novel or book, food vouchers, a cute little emergency light, packed toiletries, and a sweet short message about their travelling obsession sums up a traveller’s gift basket.

Kid’s gift basket –

Every kid in this world love to paint or to scratch something on papers with colours. A plastic box as a basket and fill it up with, tapes, glitters, glue, colours, crayons, craft sticks, some coloured papers and gloves. This gift basket is an excellent idea for a crafty kid. You can also add one or two chocolates to it. Who wouldn’t love a bar of chocolate?

Family get together –

Family get togethers are fun and exciting. On a lovely weekend, this gift basket idea is excellent. A basket filled with a bottle of wine, chocolate, snacks, a unique towel for each member with lovely messages written fro them, a DVD of a family-oriented movie or some discount coupons for each member. You can also add T-shirts for each member of the family, select the same print for the T-shirts, or even you can customize it too.


Women are so soft and delicate as well as there are women who are strong and unique. Women have many different occasions in her life. For every special occasion, there must be something unique you can gift them. Foodie, artist, athlete or socialite whatever her personality, you can find a perfect present for her. Just remember women are sensitive, so always try to make the gift personal.

Spa gift basket –

Most women work their heart out for their families, so giving them some special treat can boost their energy and love levels. A spa coupon is also a good idea but trust me a woman will love if you present her things from she can enjoy a spa treatment at home. An oval tub filled with shredded papers up to hallway so that you do not have to spend much. Pair of slippers, bottles of shower gels, body lotion in matching containers, bath bombs, essential oils, scents, waxing machine, scented bath salts, little packets of face packs. All this contribute to be a great gift basket idea for women. Just remember to write a unique and lovely message to it. As it is the feelings and emotions that matter.

Slippers filled with treats – 

It is a very unique and cute idea to gift a soft and fluffy slipper to a woman. Just put some lotions, face packs, lipsticks, nail polish and other small make-up items. Tie them with a shiny ribbon. It is a very significant and cute idea, turn this idea into fantastic just by attaching a special message.

Flower box –

Again, an adorable idea for a woman. A rectangular wooden box filled with her favourite flowers in between and some other flowers around them. Place a small Wine bottle of her likes. With a cute message inside can bring the smile on the face of a woman.

Marriage gift basket –

A marriage day is one of the most special occasions of a woman. She remembers that day her whole life so express your love by gifting her something romantic and unique. The basket must include red roses and her favourite flowers, chocolates, honeymoon planning notes, happily married life books, lingerie & night dresses.

Gift basket for a pregnant woman-

Is your wife pregnant? Is she getting irritated quickly due to hormonal changes? Well, here is an idea to express your love. Your gift basket must include 

–    Pregnancy care kit, includes bio-oil, chocolates, a parental listener (device to listen to your unborn baby), multivitamins.

–    Maternity dress, surprise her with a hand made a dress that’s both comfortable and perfect for gliding over a grown belly, a couple of belly bands which allows clothes to fit, comfortable and stylish.

–    Pregnanacy journal, a pregnanacy journal with some notes for pregnancy period and to write her own experiences during the period is a very great idea.

–    Food basket, there is no better way to a woman’s heart except food as due to hormonal changes they become wild eaters, they really would love chocolates, ice-creams, cookies, cakes, choco lava cakes and other food you think of that’s her favourite. Online cake delivery in Jaipur

Mother’s day gift basket –

A mother always sacrifices her wishes for her children and family. To show gratitude and respect towards try to think about what she likes and what she doesn’t. My idea is to gift her a day off and a basket filled with; a beautiful dress, make-up kit, a movie ticket, a spa treatment coupon or even a gym membership voucher. In the last, what matters is some lovely messages written by you and a long hug. Mothers are so easy to make them happy.

Gift baskets for grandmothers –

I don’t think grandmothers need any gifts other than their family spending time with them. But with spending time with them, a gift basket would add charm to your time. The basket should be filled with a photo collage of the family, a perfect family-oriented movie DVD, body lotion, comfortable footwear, fresh fruit, chocolates, cookies. Some grandmothers love to bake, so baking ingredients, a cooking recipe and some flowers with them would also be a great idea.

gift basket ideas For women
Gift Basket Ideas DIY: Perfect Solution for Gift ideas 2

Some other homemade gift items you can add

–    lip gloss or lip balms.

–    Lotion bars.

–    Bath bombs.

–    Bath bonbons.

–    Custom or homemade perfume.

–    Coconut milk shampoo.

–    Sugar or salt scrub.

–    A scented candle.


Though men look rough outside in real, they are also sensitive inside as women. Once in awhile they also need pampering. Most men are into sports, BBQ, camping, fishing, beers and foods. You may realize that your guy would be thrilled to get a baseball, coffee-themed or BBQ gift basket. You can customize the basket with your creative idea and imagination. Finding a present is difficult for a man and even more difficult for a manly man. Just for an idea let me tell you that most men like beers, coffee, watches, weapons, sports items and gym. We have got some gift basket ideas for man.

Knife and shot glass gift basket –

Every man love weapons. Fill a wooden box with a unique knife, a bottle of his favourite alcohol and vintage glass. You see, that’s enough for a man to please. You can also put a piece of jewelery if he is into that.

Beer box –

Combine a couple of beers, shot glasses, cigars, artistic or vintage lighter. Pack this into a rough-looking basket, and instead of fabric ribbon, you may use a leather ribbon to give it a wild look. Men don’t need messages; they can understand without words too unlikely to women.

Manly ammo gift basket –

Looking gifts for men who love beers, weapons and other manly things? A box painted black filled with a couple of beers, a pocket knife, and a .50 calibre shell that has been turned into a super cool bottle opener, and two customed beer glasses can sum up your gift basket idea for men. It gift basket is ideal for all types of men, such as a military person, law enforcement, hunters, outdoors types.

Hot sauce gift basket –

Does your man love spices? He will absolutely love this gift basket. Pack different types of hot sauces and spice samples with dried herbs all around. This is a great gift idea for any man, especially professional chefs who like to grill, foodie and experiments in his recipes. Hot sauce is totally manly food, and guys often try to test their limits with spices. This would make a great birthday gift or in general.

Shaving kit –

Nowadays, men are grooming themselves regularly, and a shaving kit gift basket would be a great idea to gift them. This gift basket must contain everything a guy needs for shaving, a soap, razor, facewash, aftershave, a moisturizer lotion, a quality leathering brush, instead of regular razors you can also add old fashioned straight razor for a more smooth shave. Your boyfriend, husband or brother will never have an itchy face of razor burn with this amazing gift basket. You can gift them this basket regularly once a year so that he has a constant supply.

Clothes and accessories –

Is your man a trend follower? You can gift him all he needs for the new trend. Sneakers, leather shoes, ties, watches, headbands, suits, belts, hair wax etc. can be combined in a box and be gifted on any special occasion. Every guy loves all these items. A special note also can be attached to express your love.

Fishing gift basket –

There are many dads out there who go out fishing with their children. A creel which can be used in fishing filled with sun- protection lotions, hats, fishing baits. A fishing pole can be included too, also a pocket knife and lighters which can work in an extreme environment. Add some first aid item as well.


All the above are great gift baskets, but there are some other things as well you can gift a man.

  1.   Baking ingredients.
  2.   Sportswear.
  3.   Haircare products.
  4.   Skincare products.
  5.   Travelling toiletries.
  6.   Bike helmets.
  7.   Gaming systems.
  8.   Gym vouchers.
  9.   A piece of your personal belongings to remind him about you.
  10.   Coffee and tea gift baskets.
  11.   Grooming kits.
  12.   Spa treatment vouchers.
  13.   Shopping vouchers.


We have shown you many gift basket options above, but there are lots of unique gift baskets ideas you can try for both men or women. Below are some ideas you can try.

Adventure gift basket –

Both men and women go on hiking, bike rides and camping in the mountains. If your loved one is into adventures, you can assemble a couple of necessary things. Emergency lighters, waterproof shoes, rain-coats, adventure sports journals, waterproof cameras, emergency ropes, first aid kit and much more. There are times you can gift without any occasion, and you can gift for the need too.

Gym or book club membership – 

In this hectic life, people are getting away from their health and hobbies. You can always surprise them with gifting them gym or book club memberships with some accessories they may be needed in the gym as; gloves, lifting straps, whey protein, lifting belts, gym shoes, a personal trainer voucher, ab toning cream. 

Bike or car care –

Both genders are into bikes and cars now. A gift basket filled with necessary items for bike and car care can cheer them up. A cleaning spray, shine wax, insurance policy, heavy-duty too box, a polisher machine, seat gap fillers, stylish mirrors for bikes, and heavy-duty but stylish helmets. There are other lots of small accessories you can add to your gift basket.

Big basket with smaller gift baskets –

For gifting a whole family on the eve of Christmas or any other occasion. You can prepare a big basket wich contains other smaller gift baskets for an individual member of the family. A kids gift basket, a man gift basket, a woman gift basket, birthday gift basket, Christmas gift basket, you can put such smaller baskets in a big basket. This is something unique and for all the family.


Are you looking for some fundraising idea? You may want to prepare items which can get people excited about your event and gift baskets to accomplish your goal. I have tried my best to collect all the idea you can use for your goal. I can assure that using these ideas you will be selling more tickets and win the gifts. These can be used in carnivals, school programmes, golf or other sports events to raise more fund for the cause.

Spa in a basket –

The spa in a basket is an amazing idea to attract all those who can’t afford to visit real spas. Prepare a basket with items like; shower gels, scented bath soaps, body scrub, bath salt, body lotion, and a sponge. Elegently and beautifully put together this gift basket can be a hit. This spa treatment will provide you with all the spa experience in your own house. Rejuvenate and refresh yourself after a day of long work with a relaxing bath with high-quality products. Exfoliate and cleanse your skin with these amazing products.

Star wars gift basket –

This world is full of people who love star wars. A basket full of star wars themed items like Darth Vader toys, multiple character action figure, colouring books and crayons, various star wars themed candies. This gift basket can be a real hit in comic book conventions, children’s event and other events.

Coffee sampler gift basket –

Coffee! Everybody loves a quality coffee. A combination of various flavoured coffee, a couple of glasses and coffee recipe in a gift basket would surely attract a lot of people. Instead of coffee, you can prepare a gift basket of tea, and there are many tea lovers too.

Chocolate gift basket –

Chocolate is popular between every gender, any age group. Filling up a basket with different chocolate samples from all around the world, with some chocolate syrups and coffee samples can be very attractive to the people in the event.

A surprise gift basket – 

Curiosity is the weakness of humans so it can lead people into buying th gift basket too. You can choose a theme and prepare a basket without disclosing what’s inside it. Choose kids, Christmas Gift Ideas, sports, skincare, haircare or any other category you can choose the items and prepare this surprise gift basket. 


–    Gardening gift basket.

–    Children’s toys gift basket.

–    Baby shower gift basket.

–    Make- up to a gift basket.

–    Herbal spices gift basket.

–    Wine sample gift basket.

–    Easter theme gift basket.

–    Christmas themed gift basket.

–    New year themed gift basket.

–    Health themed gift basket.

–    Birthday in a box.

–    Weekend getaway.

These are some other ideas you can use in your events to raise funds.

gift basket ideas diy 1
Gift Basket Ideas DIY: Perfect Solution for Gift ideas 3


If you are planning to plan silent auction for fundraising. There must be something exciting and appealing. The basket can range between 50$ to 500$ depending upon the products inside the baskets. The idea is to attract more and more people to participate. So you must think something creative and exciting to prepare gift baskets. Here are some ideas you can refer to prepare your own gift baskets for silent auctions.

Health gift basket –

Gym membership vouchers for a month, DVD of fitness tips, yoga mats, resistance bands, skipping rope, and a health magazine can contribute to preparing your gift basket.

Weekend getaway –

Voucher to a hotel, motel, dining in a restaurant, bed, breakfast or lunch. Plan voucher for fun activities near the hotel like spa, hiking, riding, cycling etc. and a voucher to fill petrol for the trip. All these combined can be very appealing to people.

Dating –

Any coupon for couples to travel together, romantic dinners, go-carting, movie tickets, popcorn, flowers and gift vouchers or any other things you can imagine that can be used on a date. This gift basket can attract a whole bunch of couples out there.

Wine lovers –

There are a lot of wine lovers out there. Putting wine samples, wine magazines, vintage glasses and even a wine tasting event pass, cool and stylish bottle opener and an ice bucket. What else a wine lover want except all this. Go for it works every time.

Pet lovers –

People love their pets like a family member so a voucher for cats, dogs, snakes at a local vet. Food vouchers and toys and other pet accessories. Trust me, and people will go for it quickly.

Golf events –

A pass for the upcoming golf event, a golf ball, a golf magazine, golf tees, an umbrella, sunglasses, cap, hat, free sessions with golf instructors or a voucher to a nearby golf course. Any golf lover would go for it.

Some best practices for silent auction gift baskets 

–    Include a wide range of categories. A diverse audience needs different kinds of gift baskets. Offering baskets tailored to food, drink, art classes, local fun & experiences assure more appeal.

–    Clearly, state each basket’ contents. To let the bidders know what exactly they are bidding for, keep a note attached to the basket about what is inside.

–    Display – people are attracted towards a nicely displayed gift basket rather than just making a pile.

–    Set up special lightening, and decorations to attract more audience.

Some other ideas for gift baskets –

–    Baby shower products.

–    Tea or coffee themed.

–    Theme park vouchers.

–    Dog show passes.

–    Wine and food tasting passes.

–    Book club starter kit.

–    Football crazy items.

–    Taste of Italy gift basket.

–    Game nights.

–    Night outs for the girl’s gift basket.

–    Grooming accessories kits.

–    Sports accessories kits.

–    Voucher to a dentist, gym, book club etc.

–    Beach fun.

–    The night under the sky.

–    Electronic gadgets.

–    Homemade chemical-free products.

–    Music concerts.

There are thousands of ideas for all types of gift baskets, and you need to think a little bit about it. The first thing you must do is to think of a theme related to your recipient. Once you choose the theme, you can easily select items related to the idea. It is not about filling baskets full; its all about to express your feelings. Sometimes your needs to keep in mind the needs or preferences of a receiver. You need not be a rocket scientist to prepare your gift basket.

It is so easy once you choose a theme and buy items for that. We have told you so many ideas about gift baskets. Keep gifting people and receiving gifts, and you will get to know the moods, trends, preferences of the people. Please comment about our article too if it helped you or if there are any suggestion please keep us updated. 

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