Giannis Antetokounmpo Just Signed The Largest Contract In NBA History

Giannis Entetoconpo’s current contract does not expire until after next season, but teams are preparing to sign him for most of the year. Eventually, there were whispers that he was unhappy in Milwaukee and would deal elsewhere. And it is not a superstar every day that can change the fate of your franchise.

Only one minor problem: none of those whispers were true. Antetokompompo is, in fact, happy in Milwaukee, and he signed a new major expansion to be with the Bucks.

The contract, valued at $ 228 in five years, is the largest in NBA history. In the final season of his new deal, Antetokompompo will earn approximately $ 52 million, one of the largest single-year salaries a player has made.

Perhaps the biggest part of all is that Antetokompo will only be 31 years old when this contract takes place. If he is still playing at a higher level, he may very well command equal pay in 2026. This means that he can earn more than half a billion dollars during his career alone from his salary.

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Here’s how much Antetokompomo will be in each season for the next six years:

2020-21: $ 27.5 million (last year of their current contract)

2021-22: $ 39.3 million (first year of his new contract)

2022-23: $ 42.5 million

2023-24: $ 45.6 million

2024-25: $ 48.8 million

2025-26: $ 51.9 million

Other teams in the league may be angry that their antecocompomo chase is over, but it is a win for the NBA. We have seen many stars ready to leave their teams for greener pastures. Look no further than this lineage than the Houston Rockets. Both Russell Westbrook and James Harden have expressed willingness to trade, believing that the team’s championship window has closed. Westbrook desired him; Hardik is still waiting.

For a while, it seemed that Ententuncampo could do the same thing and request from Milwaukee. But he opted to remain loyal. It also probably didn’t hurt that the Bucks could offer $ 83 million more than any other team.

Entetokounmpo has won the last two league MVPs, and the Bucks finished first in the Eastern Conference in both years. However, they have not yet reached the NBA Finals, which only airs rumors that Antetokompomo may leave.

But the Bucks have worked hard to upgrade their roster and convince their star to stay. He traded for Junior Holiday, a veteran guard and leader who would bolster his already league-best defense. He also tried to trade for sharpshooter Bogdan Bogdanovic in a deal that eventually broke.

The moves were enough to show Antetokonampo the Bucks are serious about winning. And with MVP in tow for the next six years, they will finally have a great chance to bring home a title.

This is also a great story for Antetokounmpo. He grew up poor in Greece, selling goods on street corners, and playing in his country’s second league when he was drafted. Now, he is an NBA superstar with the league’s biggest contract. It is worth celebrating.

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