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Getting Into MSN Programs For Non-Nursing Majors

Are you seeking a pre-licensure diploma or degree to enhance your career opportunities? Or, do you want to get into an MSN nursing program, even though; you are not yet a fully licensed nurse? Well, that’s good for you because it is now possible to do so with online technology at your disposal. There are affordable choices for you to get into a non-nursing major and subsequently a nursing program.

MSN Nursing
MSN Nursing

The Current Situation

As it stands right now with the pandemic, nurses are in high demand. There was a high demand in the past, but now, nurses are more desperately needed. The general path to a master’s program in nursing involves first pursuing and graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree as a nurse practitioner. However, the direct entry access to the Master of Science degree program could help you to bypass the Bachelor of Science nursing program. By offering direct entry to potential nurses, it would fill the dire need for nurses who have advanced skills but do not yet have their Master of Science degree. Let’s take a look at the benefits of getting into the direct-entry Master of Science nursing program.

The Benefits

There are various advantages to getting direct entry access to the MSN program. There are schools that will accept you if you already have an Associate Degree in nursing and you are a registered and licensed nursing professional. Other schools will admit you, if you do not yet have a nursing degree, but do have another Bachelor’s degree along with an RN license. If you want to finish the program within two years, you should consider becoming a full-time student. If you are unable to commit to full time and can only be a part-time student, then it would probably take you a year or two to finish.

The Courses

These courses are usually delivered online and so it makes it easy for participants to sign up and attend virtual classes instead of in-person; except for when it becomes time to do the clinical hours, which does require physical presence. The cost of the programs will generally vary depending on the particular school.

The Expectation

The direct access entry to the Master of Science program might require applicants to have a specific grade point average (GPA). You may need at least one year of experience as a nurse and have to go through a background check. Other requirements may include a personal statement, interview, transcript, and letter of recommendation.


The Internet allows students to have more flexibility and because there are several programs that allow direct entry to their Master of Science program online, it makes it easier for prospective students to get into the program. Now is a great time to apply to a Direct Entry MSN Program for Non-Nursing Majors.

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