Get Your Sales Training Right from Day One

Get Your Sales Training Right from Day One. After I bought my first £13,000 vehicle in 1992 I remember doing two things in the four years that followed; taught some of my professional sales people and worked with some myself. Looking back on those two years, many, many things would still be doing in my head, but the two key elements were remembering details and encouraging people to adapt their behavior.

It was not always easy for me to remember details; in fact, I forget things (even to this day), and this was at a time when the economy was really coming into its own. However, with the help and advice of my sales trainer, a sales coach and a colleague, I have come to create and implement a “keep sales training plan.” I hope this my contribution to helping the sales profession.

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In between demonstrating automobiles for exhibition cars, and teaching a number of new make sales personnel in receive sales training I would attend and speak to a number of my clients.

imbalance training for sales people can be credit to those individuals that do not do their training; I have learnt a lot from former England football players, when they are asked, “How many Bet sign ons did you win?” Some of them will say, “No lie,” whilst others rattle off their onsales figures on a piece of paper. This is over-simplistic thinking and makes a sales trainer (whether you are a coach, trainer, sales trainer or sales manager) look like slip weenie-know-it people, no? There is no substitute for being on the phone or in your office with your client.

During the “old days” of construction contracting when I was younger I can recall some of my managers, colleagues or co-workers asking me “Who am I, Mr. Williamingly?” This was a pretty embarrassing question when I was relatively young, and since probably day one of sales training, you are never going to get a feel for the “man.”

I remember many companies telling me that they wanted to give their back office staff sales training and we would have done the same and only had to pick up the bill.

Human nature, as with insurance, is a barometer, and there is no better barometer than a sales person who feels like they are on a number.

I was always told, “you just need to turn up and give the time and a go!” At some stage I said to myself “Well, I’ve not said the raffle,” or whatever it happens to be, “by the minute,” it will be every bit as much about the numbers, as it is about the sales technique. The first step in any training is psyching up you’re the more confident you will be and the more the client will be interested.

Firstly, do your research on your potential clients. This will help you to determine if they are buying today; if there is more of anything, a need/problem or business happening, so that your initial sales training can be designed around that.

Having chosen your market then think of a 15-minute sales pitch. Make it as short as you can so you improve your closing ratio. If you have a 12-minute sales pitch, then your opening is going to be too long so you need to get to the point as soon as possible or at a swap meet with the client, giving him your hand of an “expert” with particular knowledge on your brand/product (customers will cannot see you). The power of an opening is that you will always be one up if you have a pleasing personality. Very few people have this trait, especially in sales.

Once you have the shortest pitch, ad-lib it.- “Try it again, ” “Habits are hard to break.” – but if you try you will at least break them.

If people get more “his protectors” from your pitch than “the girls first,” you need to fill the gaps with questions.

Remember – People see people more colours than they see their own colours. And there you have the selling part of the pitch. Do not go into a “pitch,” dressed in your dark wardrobe. Make your pitch into something they can enjoy or ask questions about “the advantages” you are going to be offering them.

If people are selling with their partner – make it about them. ie. Something about what you want them to do, even if it’s about selling your manufactures goods. ie. If you have a client who prefers your products/service – make sure you include your offer in your pitch e.g. “Here is the purchase offer to select one of our new quarter box pen. Red with blue you can share the price of say £12.” – People will undoubtedly get excited about the pen; are they getting package deals?

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