Get To Know Powfu, The Emerging Artist Behind the Viral Hit “Deathbed (coffee for your head)”

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for most of the past year (no judgment here if you did), you’ve probably heard the haunting hit “Deathbed (coffee for your head)”. Whether on the radio, on YouTube, in Soundcloud or in TikTok – the massive virus status of this song caught the attention of listeners all over the world.

We certainly heard this song repeatedly and had to know more about the voices behind this super catchy but slightly dark song. Enter Powfu and Beabadoobee.

Similar to Billie Eilish, Powfu (born Isaiah Farber) grew up in a musical household and started making music in his own home as a teenager. After discovering his identity within the Lo-Fi genre – a genre that he E! News as “home made, cheap sounding music” – he started uploading his favorites to Soundcloud. And when “Deathbed” came online, the rest was history.

When Farber reached the age of 21, the rapper had already released his debut EP. Poems of the pastand gets a taste of what viral success feels like when he quarantines the COVID-19 pandemic at his home in Canada – a unique experience for a new artist that will skyrocket.

“I think it’s the first time I’ve blown up, so it’s like I haven’t had the full experience of playing shows to go around the world and meet fans,” says Farber exclusively E! News. “But it’s kind of cool that I just skipped this setup.”

Read on to find out everything about this new artist on the rise (and which celebrities have slipped into his DMs).


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