Get The Right Piercings For You With Orbital Piercing

Orbital piercing is a mix of two ear piercings linked by one piece of jewelry. It can be completed everywhere along the body, including through the earlobe. Orbital piercings should not be confused with an industrial piercing, a constrict piercing, or a double cartilage piercing. The piercing uses a hoop and generally resides in the helix area of the ear.

What should I know before an orbital piercing?

In addition, the orbital piercing generally results from an earlobe healing time of one of the fastest possible of any piercing. Since the earrings don’t dangle or fall in, there’s less chance of them snagged onto skin, your clothes, or in an awkward cheeseburger what you need to know about orbital piercings before you walk into a salo,n including the name and its treatment duration. If you want a uniquely piercing with a short heal time, this looks appealing, and then you are in the right place right now. Here is how to buy a new ear candy.

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This low-key-piercing trend is perfect for minimal ear pier

Cosmograph- orbital ear piercing can be considered if you want to have a quicker repair process. We are here to discuss one option that can solve migraine problems. Orbital ear piercing is a technique of helping people who have migraine pain accelerate healing times by placing them between ear piercings. We covered all the prettiest combinations of your c.

Infected Industrial Piercing

50 Orbital Piercing Ideas & Guide to Getting It Done

Orbital piercing requires twice a hole with a circular jewelry piece passing through either. The circular shape of the jewelry defines and differentiates the orbital style piercing from an industrial type that uses a bar instead of the ring. Orbital-style earrings can be placed anywhere around the ear; however, the more common location options include the helix and the earlobes.

How long does an orbital piercing take to heal?

If an orbital piercing occurs with cartilage, you could expect to spend around 6-9 months healing. It’s as common as other pierce. Make sure to wash it 2+-3 times each day for the recovery period. Continue these practices until piercers confirm the piercing is fully healed. It takes a specialized eye to make sure that the piercings appear healed on the exterior before the interior repaired itself. It takes expert eye work to ensure that it is healed itself. For some people, recovering with rings is more accessible, and piercings with two entrances and exits are also challenging.

How painful is an orbital piercing?

Orbital piercing is sometimes carried out by placing it under the lower lobe of your ear. This tissue is softer than cartilage or the eyes. This gives it more space to poke a hole. This is because your piercer will be leaving two holes inside your ear. It can cause some pain. You can have four holes in one head if you want both ears repaired. You can spare the mental math. This is how I could get my ears out.

What is orbital piercing?

Orbital piercing occurs when you insert an inner earpiece from within to connect two holes of its size into the open ear of someone’ It usually lies in the earlobe but can sometimes be placed higher up in your inner earlobe. This piercing is similar to an industrial piercing with two holes attached to the bar on your lower cartilage. Traditionally orbital can be used on the lower lobe only as tissue is thinner and heal faster than the upper lobe, which is more complex than the outer ear and the hips if you’re someone who gets a FastPass at Disneyland and pays for it.

What is good aftercare?

Like piercings, you can clean these once to three times every day. Please rinse your piercing with freshwater or soapy water made with warm water and sea salt. Use a cotton ball to remove any crust or surface from piercings.

Can I turn my existing piercings into orbital piercings?

If you have lobe holes, you won’t have a problem merely placing them on a hoop. The lobe is flexible more than other parts of the ear, and one can easily install two earrings between them. The cartilage is inflexible, and if the jewelry presses against the piercings, even in a treated piercing, damage to your ear will occur. You’ll need to talk to a plastic surgeon before buying your hoops to ensure that your piercing conforms to the orbital look. Take your mind up and bring it in with your piercer.

Tell me the difference between a conch and an orbital pier?

If I’m having my inner conch pierced – this is done typically with a large hoop around my ear. This is often mistaken for orbital piercing. You can wear the same style but without piercing. The aesthetic is similar to the former type, but it’s an actual orbital piercing with a single piece of jewelry. The same earrings and hoop are attached to the pierce with separate earrings making it an orbital conch piercing.

Do orbital piercing hurt?

The size of an orbital pierce in many parts of the anatomy depends upon its location. When you get your orbital pierced make sure it is done twice. Is it any worse now than one of the four piercings? Should anyone have problems with needles, they may have to prepare for multiple tattoos.


Ball closing ring is the most common type of jewelry used for orbital piercings. Other piercing jewelry includes circular pendants and round barbells in a round and cylindrical shape. There are hundreds and thousands of options of colors and styles, and the best piercing has enough room for both a separate and a captive ring. Explore our collection below to see some fun placements and jewelry examples and find some inspiration. If the first rings in the piercing are too long, it could cause longer healings and issues causing migrations. Migration is an unwanted process during which the jewelry moves from its initial place and sometimes is entirely outside the skin itself.

Looking after your piercing

Your designated doctor will offer you specific aftercare tips and recommendations. Keep jewelry placed up until skin is healed. It is recommended to avoid any contact with the area of the piercing. Clean the piercings three times a day with warm saline water or other material recommended by a professional piercer. Never remove piercing with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Should you dry up piercings, using a dry clean towel. Use two separate small towels or a cloth to pat the area dry instead of pulling on that piercing and causing damage. Use dry towels to dry skin and prevent contamination and infections.


An orbital piercing cost would range roughly between $30 and $100. Piercings can be hard to find and involve the risk of infection and tissue damage. If you’re on a tight budget needing to keep the costs to the lowest, the price is a lot higher, and you’re likely to use cheaper jewelry. It is possible to update any jewelry that has been pierced at this time. And a poorly piercing surgery in this instance could potentially save an entire piercing. There is less potential for injury by performing the piercing safely and professionally within a hygienic environment.

Orbital piercing pain factor

Orbital pierces made in the lobe of the ear have lower risks than perforate the cartilage. Your pain tolerance will hurt how much hurt is caused. The skills of the piercer would influence how quickly it should move forward. If you’re scared about the pain level, try spreading the piercing process for two procedures. This way, you can have one perforation done on this consultation after the first appointment. It’ If the daith is missing your guide to the pierced part of your skull and neck, you have no right now, but it’s essential!


It’s easy to obtain an orbital ear piercing. After removing the area of each piercing, it is pierced using a sterilized needle. The piercer puts the jewels in the ear. If you have an existing hole in your ears, you can add another one. Spreading the piercing over two visits is also a good solution for those concerned about pain. Just remember to fully heal it before you do your second perforation, preferably while putting some jewelry in. After insert, the first two holes were resized with a clean surgical device.

How much does orbital piercing cost?

Gold is often purchased in 15k, but surgical steel could lower your bill. Instead of looking for the most savings, look for a piercer and a clean, professional, and credible salon. You’re not going to want my earring falling apart like “the real” Manolo Blahnik-girl. You’re also paying for jewelry which varies both in price in addition to the piercings. Get a professional therapist to get a piercing to ensure you get the right earring and keep it on the right ring. Please consult [link].

How long does an orbital piercing take to heal?

If an orbital laser is applied to your lobe, it takes eight to 10 weeks to heal. Avoid excess friction when removing AirPods or Apple headphones from your ears with a soft silicone pad. Since the jewelry doesn’t protrude with this appearance, there’s less chance it might stick to clothes or hair. Tiesto trademarks this style too. After all, you’ve tripped on plain ground. And you tripped in front of a flat bunch of people.

Healing and aftercare

Cartilage piercings, like a circle piercing, usually take a while to heal between 3 and 5 months. Pleistocytic ganglions often need more prolonged healing than tricots or lax piercing, requiring a longer healing time. Cartilage piercing is a type of piercing that takes between 3 to 5 months to heal. The healing time depends on the location of the ear and the length of time it takes to recover it. We all see how important it is to care for an accurate piercing.

When can I change my jewelry?

All orbital piercings will be a hollow hoop. As long as the point in your ear is smooth, it can also contain a diamond, ball, or chain in the middle. Surgical steel earrings are hypoallergenic and prevent infections. Avoid jewelry with nickel which may cause some irritation to people. We’ve not found out how to store the snacks in this box, but we can. Available from Maison Miru for $35.99 on sale from [links] steel or 14k gold necklace for $30.99.

Orbital Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare

Orbit piercing should be cleaned once weekly with saline solution. Do not swim by stepping or sinking while water is still fresh or dry. It is essential to get the right size ring as a ring that is too big or small could cause rejection or migration. Approximately 2 to 3 days after the orbital piercing is healed. Orbital Piercing Healing Time: six-18 weeks. More information: