How to get a flat stomach? Complete simple tips

How to get a flat stomach? Complete simple tips


How to get a flat stomach? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all. A very old saying from snow white and prince charming holds true in today’s world where every lady wants to look beautiful and win applause for her beauty. But the main hindrance to your beauty is your figure specially your bulging belly. Or it may be the other way around.

How to get a flat stomach

You are busy in your daily routine suddenly you receive a wedding invitation and you start thinking of the dress you will wear. All of sudden you realize that flabby stomach bulging out of your naval in your favorite sari that spoils your entire look. So here is some tips clear tricks for “how to get a flat stomach?”


Maintain balance in eating and exercise habits-First of all you need to alter your eating habits and of course you need to rope in few exercises. These two things will help you burn fats. The Golden mantra for shedding off excess weight is to jump rope for one minute after every exercise.

The Dose of workouts


This is your fight with ugly stomach. So what you need to do is work on your abdomen 3 times a week. For reducing weight at belly go for crunches and leg raises. You need to do 3 sets of twenty repetitions. Do 4 sets of planks for 30-60 secondswith a push-up position on your elbow will tone your muscles and force fats to leave your stomach.

Flat stomach abs workout


Flat stomach abs workout


Flat stomach abs workout


Flat stomach abs workout

Switch to healthy eating options


If you are expecting a change during your fitness regime, then what you need to do is to kick way processed and the foods that are full of sugar. Instead of these eatables, fill your plate with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread and pasta. If you are a non-vegetarian add chicken, beef, fish and low dairy products in your diet.

healthy eating

Take salt as less as you can


You need to cut down your salt intake so that water retention in your body. Use other herbs and spices to season your food, but don’t add salt.Make sure that you avoid high fiber food items like broccoli, cauliflower, and sprouts. Avoid overburdening your stomach by evenly spacing veggies and fruit consumption.


Avoid stress

Overstress makes way for increased production of the hormone, cortisol. This uplift the weight around the belly area. So keep calm and avoid stress as much as you can.

Eat less drink more


When we talk about drinking it definitely doesn’t mean drink sweet beverages and other carbonated drinks. Avoid them, they contain only calories and for your flat bellies, you don’t need calories rather you want to shed fat from it. You can achieve your target if you replace your fizzy drinks with plain water.

Eat less drink more

Drink more water


It will retain water in your body and it will help your body detoxify in a natural way. a simple detox plan for you – Add lemon, mint and cucumber slices make effective detox water for your bulging belly.


Say goodbye to your teas and coffees


Replace your cup of tea and coffee with a cup of green tea or chamomile tea. To get the most out of green tea, sip it before your workouts. Caffeine present in it will give you better results. Adding ginger to your green tea is like getting best of both worlds. This will help from expanding your belly area and stops giving it a tired look.


Mend your posture

Mend your posture

To make your tummy look flat you need to follow this simple technique. When you sit such in your belly and breathe normally. Sit in a position as long as you can. Repeat it multiple times to get a flat stomach and watch your mirror remark “ You are beautiful of them all”

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