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Kashmir is undoubtedly “heaven on earth”. It is home to worldly natural flora and fauna. The state is replete with various world-famous tourist destinations, each of which offers a fresh view of how you see nature with your own eyes. Pahalgam is one of them. Being one of the most beautiful places in the entire Kashmir valley, Pahalgam is visited by many tourists from India and abroad. From the picturesque landscape, the sparkling rivers, the rugged plains and the sparkling pines, you can experience all of this in a quaint town of Pahalgam. Baisaran Hills, Aru Village and Valley, Sheshnag Lake and Desit Valley are the top attractions.

Nature in Pahalgam is mesmerizing in ancient, magnificent and truly simple words. This place offers innumerable views of various sightseeing and attractions to nature lovers and various adventure destinations. Yes! There are many sports activities that you can participate in when you are in Pahalgam. Get all information White water rafting in Pahalgam Before you sign up for the activity.

Best time for river rafting in Pahalgam

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Pahalgam experiences soul-pleasing weather and climate for most part of the year. It starts snowing during late December and snowfall continues till the end of March. That is why you should not travel to Pahalgam in winter season if your main objective is to experience river rafting. January and February are also very cold and the temperature drops below zero for several days between this time. April-June is the best time to visit Pahalgam to experience river rafting. It is the spring and summer season in this part of Kashmir.

Keep in mind that this is also the peak season of the year. Especially in May and June, Pahalgam is very less crowded with tourists. The temperature is warm, with clear skies and cool evenings. During this time, the average temperature is around 16 ° C to 22 ° C. The journey to Pahalgam and to experience it all is the ideal time for a farewell adventure. Rivers are flowing with water and you can enjoy it Best river rafting in pahalgam During the summer.

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Best place for river rafting in Pahalgam

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The river rafting in Pahalgam is usually done in the Lidder River or the Indus River. Depending on the difficulty level you choose, the journey will begin on one of the rivers. There are three options to choose from when you plan to run on the Lidder River – 2.5 km (lidar ride), 5 km (lidar long ride) and 8 km white water rafting (extra long ride). Each course is filled with grades II to III and IV rapids respectively. The Lidder River is a magnificent river with a difficult current and will be sailors to deal with. The rafting journey usually starts on the Langanbal Bridge and ends at Ganeshpura for a distance of 8 km and takes about 45 minutes to finish. The journey ahead takes you all further down. There are many centers and agencies that conduct River Rafting in Pahalgam And you need to contact them to make arrangements.

White water rafting in Pahalgam It is still not popular on the Indus River and is still in its infancy. Therefore, it is better to visit the lidar and enjoy a more exciting experience. However, beginners and children can easily practice here. The most difficult and challenging rafting experience in Pahalgam is found in the Zanskar River. It is a spectacular course in the middle of the Zanskar Mountains, and between Padum and Nimu. It is strictly recommended for specialists and highly trained river rafters who have years of experience.

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Average cost for rafting in Pahalgam

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The cost of river rafting in Pahalgam It is difficult to tell. It depends on many factors and hence prices may vary from one person to another. However, the estimated cost of rafting is usually anywhere between Rs 1,800 and Rs 500. Prices will vary, depending on the duration of the trip and the difficulty you choose. Rafting can be even more expensive when you travel to the Zanskar mountain course for the toughest rafting trip of the entire valley. The prices are clearly Rs. 4000 or more.

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Tips for river rafting in Pahalgam

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Here are some important tips to keep in mind when you are leaving. River Rafting in Pahalgam This year with others –

  • Be sure to contact local river rafting agencies and ask for all the details they can give in advance about their travel and expenses. This will help you to get and choose a better option which is more affordable than others.
  • Be sure to pack all your safety items such as personal flotation jackets, etc. Even though all tour agencies provide you with safety equipment, it is better to carry it yourself if you have one.
  • You need to know about hand commands and signs that the guide will teach you before the trip. Understand them well and use them in busy rafting in the river when you are downstream.
  • You should always hang on the tension rope that attaches to the side of the boat when you are not rowing. Any unbalanced movement can cause the entire boat to flow into the river.

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What to pack for Rafting in Pahalgam

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When are you going for White water rafting in Pahalgam, You will definitely need to pack some important things. During the trip you cannot forget to wear some short shorts, or a bathing suit. These clothes are comfortable and allow you to make a free movement. Sturdy and non-slippery shoes are a must have during a rafting tour. Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops when on a boat. This will help in avoiding any slip and fall cases. Be sure to bring a different pair of clothes and shoes to get down from the boat. We also suggest that our readers take sunscreen lotion if they feel the sun’s rays are too direct.

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