Genshin Impact Player Spends Hundreds of Hours Preparing For Noelle’s Birthday

One Genshin Impact player spends 100s of hours preparing for Noelle’s birthday, preparing 1,000 Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes for her canon birthday.

One Genshin Impact player spent hundreds of hours preparing for Noelle’s birthday, cooking 1,000 Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes in honor of her canon birth date. Genshin Impact is an open-world action-RPG with heavy gacha elements, which tends to mean players feel very strongly about the characters they acquire or add to their party. Noelle is a fan favorite because she’s guaranteed in the game’s Beginners Wish banner, meaning many players have access to her – and she’s an extremely useful unit, well-suited to a variety of team compositions.

Genshin Impact Version 1.4 is now live, which means Invitation of Windblume’s variety of new gameplay elements have been added to the title. That includes the Genshin Impact rhythm game and a character dating sim for a select few heroes – one of which is Noelle. The Invitation of Windblume Update also brings back two powerful characters that players can attempt to acquire using the game’s gacha system, with Venti’s arrival another chance at one of the best support characters in the game and Childe (also known as Tartaglia) slotting nicely into DPS roles.

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Perhaps lost to some in the Invitation of Windblume Version 1.4 Update festivities is the birthday of Noelle, but content creator Memorii certainly didn’t forget. In a post made to the game’s Reddit, the player revealed they had spent hundreds of hours cooking Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes to make 1,000 of the item before Noelle’s birthday. Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes are Noelle’s special food item, and can be made when cooking Tea Break Pancakes using Noelle. The item has a 10% chance of replacing the intended food, and Memorii revealed they had spent “2 whole months” gathering a total of 30,000 berries, 20,000 flour, and 10,000 eggs to create the dishes.

That’s already impressive, but the methodology in getting Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes is actually more complicated than simply making them and discarding the Tea Break Pancakes that aren’t the desired yield. Apparently, there is no easy discard method for food items, and because Genshin Impact has a food limit of 2000 on the amount of one dish, that meant to get rid of the Tea Break Pancakes that were excess items Memorii had to keep killing their units over and over to use the item. Responding to another player who did some quick math that suggested it took at least 233 hours to accomplish the feat, Memorii said it was “worse” and that they would sometimes log in for 8 hours to kill their units over and over.

All of this is to say that Memorii has certainly laid claim to the title of Noelle’s biggest fan, celebrating the Genshin Impact birthday in style. It’s an impressive feat, and one that seems unlikely to be trumped next year by a contender for the Noelle fan club’s presidency – and if it is bested, it will likely be by Memorii themselves.

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Source: Memorii/Reddit

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