Genshin Impact Has Made $1 Billion In Less Than Six Months

The $1 billion mark is a remarkable feat for any mobile game, and Genshin Impact smashed that milestone in less than six months, making record time.

Hitting the $1 billion mark is a remarkable feat, and Genshin Impact smashed that milestone in less than six months. The action role-playing game hit the ground running upon release in September of 2020. Since then, the game has increased in popularity and hit consistently high numbers from in-game purchases. The mobile version of Genshin Impact is monetized, selling players new characters, weapons, and other resources. Well-timed events and even a TikTok contest have kept Genshin Impact relevant, leading to an average player spending of $160 million per month since December. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at, leading the game to break through milestones in record time.

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The gaming industry continues to grow, and a major slice of that pie comes from mobile gaming. Several mobile games hit the $1 billion mark recently, proving that in-app purchases and microtransactions are a lucrative endeavor when it comes to video games. Developers such as Tencent and Niantic have games that hit the $1 billion mark. Pokémon GO and PUBG are among the list of top-performing games, and now, Genshin Impact is among them.

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According to Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact has joined the $1 billion club, earning its spot among the highest performing mobile games in just six months. During the last 30 days, Genshin Impact has ranked in the top three in revenue-generating titles on the App Store and Google Play. In China, though, the game has kept the No. 1 spot, becoming one of the fastest mobile games to achieve the $1 billion milestones.

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Despite Genshin Impact’s canceled KFC event, the game has continued to reign supreme internationally, especially in China, Japan, and the United States, which combined accounts for over 75 percent of the game’s total revenue. The commercial success of Genshin Impact can be attributed to miHoYo consistently adding new events, features, and characters. New characters have continually sparked player spending, as accessing those characters is extremely desirable among fans.

Genshin Impact has been recently updated with Patch 1.4, which added new characters and other juicy content for players to sink their teeth into. March has been one of the best months yet for Genshin Impact and is shaping up to meet October 2020 as the highest performing month for the game. Sooner or later Genshin Impact might dethrone PUBG mobile and Honor of Kings, and it’s already showing tremendous promise in only six months’ time. Now, the only trouble for players is deciding what to spend their money on in the game.

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Source: Sensor Tower

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