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General Info: GED Practice Test

General Info: GED Practice Test

GED Practice test aim at providing apprenticeship and job training for the adults so that they can gain skills and knowledge to be employed and provide the care that their families need. The test that was built particularly for adult learners enables them to fill the job openings that are available. The GED test which is internationally recognized also helps the test taker qualify for an admission to a training program. The GED certificate is, in fact, equivalent to an Ontario High School certification.

GED Practice Test
GED Practice Test

The GED test consists of four subjects: Social Studies, Science, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning through Language Arts.

The general overview of the GED practice test

The GED test is beneficial in that it is one of the tests that are recognized nationally to be equivalent to the high school tests. Besides, it matches even the 12th-grade high school standards, unlike other similar tests.

The GED tests are administered exclusively through computers to ensure that the testing experience is consistent for all the test takers. The exam is unique in that the report of the scores for the four subjects is provided on the same day the students take the test.

There are three score levels for the test. One of them is the GED Passing Score, which shows that the test taker has skills and abilities equivalent to those of a high school student. A College Ready score, on the other hand, demonstrates that the individual has the skills needed to enroll in college courses that offer credits. The College Ready + credit makes the person who has taken the test qualifies for 10 hours of college credit. The Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) examination takes a student an average of 150 minutes, the mathematical reasoning test takes 150 minutes, the science test 90 minutes and the social studies exam takes the least time of 70 minutes. A 10-minute break is provided during the RLA exam.

Tips for passing the GED practice test

A person who intends to perform well in the GED test has to study all the subjects that are covered by the exam. The exam preparation books that are readily available in the libraries act as a guide as one studies for each of the tests. There are also practice tests in the preparation books.

  • To pass the exam, the adult learner should complete GED Practice Test Questions practice test questions that are provided on the various online sites available. One becomes familiar with the type of questions provided and the testing procedure of the GED tests.
  • Enrolling in the GED preparation course is also important since the learner will improve their test-taking ability and learn the best way to handle the GED tests.
  • One should arrive early and have a nutritious breakfast on the day that they are going to sit for the GED tests. Enough rest the night before they take the exam is also important for the test takers. They will be physically and emotionally comfortable as they handle each of the tests.

Training courses for the GED practice test

A test prep course provided by ed2go equips a person with necessary basic skills needed to pass the GED test. When one enrolls in this course they learn the content and the strategies used to take and pass the GED exam. The learner will also develop important skills in writing reading and mathematics. The course takes six weeks and one can enroll at the start of every month. There is also a Test Prep Toolkit course that offers the GED online courses for all the subjects. It is easy to take notes and retain more information through the visual learning provided by this course.

GED Practice Test Score
GED Practice Test Score

Top res for the GED practice test

Some of the res for the exam include the official GED exams from the General Education Development Testing Service. One of the practice tests provided by the GED testing is free while the second one is free and low cost as well for other people.

The free practice tests at https://www.gedtestingservice.com/educators/freepracticetest of the four subjects come in English and in Spanish as well. There is no scoring provided but the explanation to confirm on the correct answer of each question is also provided. This re also explains why each of the answers, which have not been selected is wrong. Using the companion guide, the test taker is able to determine which skills are being tested. The Official Practice test, on the other hand, is the only practice test that can tell students the score that they are likely to achieve in the real GED exam. A report on the skills that a student needs to work on is also provided after completing the official practice test.

Best websites for the GED practice test

  • The GED academy website provides personalized learning within short periods. Once a student begins exam preparation through the academy a personal learning study plan is created and they are assessed to identify the gaps in the learners’ skills.
  • The GED official testing site provides study materials and transcripts for those who have done the examinations before and they are downloadable at this site. Moreover, creating a student account on this site enables students to locate the GED prep centres within where they live.

Best Books for the GED practice test

  • Kaplan’s GED test premier is listed as one of the best GED test perception books since it comes along with full-length practice tests, sixty instructional videos and can be accessed through smartphones as well. In the first section of the book, there are four pretests for all the covered subjects. One full-length practice test is found in the book while the second examination is provided online.
  • The McGraw Hill Preparation for the GED Test contains full-length practice tests, pretests, and post-tests as well. The book also comes with a CD-ROM that provides a lifetime ownership of the tests and notes as well.


The time for preparation and taking the GED test is brief but essential in passing the exam. There is no opportunity to panic for the GED exam since all the necessary materials can be found in online and physical libraries.

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