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Gardens That Need Less – A Book Review

If you are like me, then you want to grow your organic vegetables and have your garden really beautiful, but you also know that you hardly have time to spend to make it perfect. But you knew there are many ways to save time to have your garden and eat well, without taking hours a day – that’s true. Let me explain. See, what you need is an education in gardening and some sure fire tips to make you the local gardening expert. So, I would like to recommend an excellent book:

“Low maintenance gardening” by Fiona Gilsenan – 1998 (A Sunset Book).

Are you interested in gardening, but do you also realize the need to save water? Maybe you travel a lot and you know that your lack of attention could kill all the plants? Have you considered the local creatures in the area that could devour your garden or the problems with the insects that feast on your plants? Well, if any of these things is a serious problem to consider, then you must take this book.

One of the main features of this book is that it breaks things down by region, so no matter where you live, there is advice and information for you. There are also many time-saving methods outlined in the book, to make sure you spend your time wisely. The book also has hundreds of easy-to-manage plant species that you can plant that work well together and require very little care or water. If you are looking for an oriental garden, a vegetable garden, a decorative garden or a total xeriscape, this book will be perfect for you.

by Lance Winslow

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