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Gardening Ventures for Children

Have you ever observed that almost every child is naturally interested in making things grow? Not only does it give them the chance to play in the ground, but plants also seem to grow. It is a pleasant experience that can also be extremely educational for children. You will find that there are many benefits to both you and the child when you offer them some gardening activities, even if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb. In fact, you may love doing it so much that you decide to make growing plants a regular part of your schedule. The following are just some of the many possibilities you can consider when looking for something fun and educational that will also bring your kids out.

Ask your child to grow their own salad

If your child is not a fan of having to eat their own vegetables, showing them how to grow their own can be a great way to encourage them. Children who generally protest by eating vegetables often become much more open to the idea if they watch them grow in their garden. Even when you have a very small courtyard, you should be able to find enough space to grow a tomato plant, a type of lettuce, and perhaps a pepper or cucumber plant. The truth is that these plants can also be easily grown in a container on the veranda, patio, or balcony.

Gardening Ventures for Children
Gardening Ventures for Children

It is better to start small with a few plants so that the child is not overwhelmed by the need to take care of a larger garden. Small vegetables such as cherry tomatoes are often preferred by children. When you start, you can start with some already sprouted plants that you bought in a nearby gardening center, or you can also try starting over from seeds, which will allow your kids to learn even more about growing things.

Encourage your child to keep the plants watered and weeded and they will soon be rewarded with tasty fresh vegetables. Once this happens, plan a minimum of one meal around a salad made from your child’s crops. You may also want to take snapshots of your family while enjoying the delicious salad so you can later put them in pretty red frames and hang them in your kitchen.

Try sprouting some seeds

Even if the weather is cold and does not allow you to a garden outside, this does not mean that in the meantime you cannot sprout some seeds inside. Buy some packets of seeds, such as beans, cucumbers or squash. Since your child is also likely to handle the seeds, we recommend checking and confirming that they have not been treated with harmful chemicals or pesticides. Take some slightly wet paper towels with water and then spread them on a counter or other work surface.

Next, put several seeds on the paper towel. Fold the paper towel around the seeds and put it in a warm place. Occasionally you will have to sprinkle the paper towel with a little water, because the seeds will not sprout if the paper towel dries. Covering the paper towel with a plastic bag can help keep it wet, but make sure the seeds get at least some air.

Explain the paper towel every day to review the progress of the seeds. The sprouting seeds and leaves are definitely fascinating for the baby to watch. Take a couple of photos of the growing seeds so that your youngster can show them in large and small frames to remind them of the experiment. If you go to the natural and organic section of your grocery store, you may even buy green beans, alfalfa and other sprouted seeds to prepare salads. Put them in a glass jar, rinse them with a little water, then completely drain the water from the jar. Repeat this process every day until shoots form. So, use them to finish a tasty salad.

You will be surprised to find out how well your children will grow their plants and how much fun they will have in the process. You may find that you also enjoy yourself a lot!

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