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Gardening Tips – When Is the Best Time to Plant Tomatoes?

In case you are wondering the best time to plant tomatoes is two weeks after the last average frost date in your area. You don’t want to plant your plants too early or they could be killed by a spring frost.

Make holes about a foot deep and put a shovel full of well rotten potting soil at the bottom of each hole where you plan to plant your tomatoes. Put two tablespoons of flavored gelatin powder on the bottom of each hole. The flavored gelatin powder will feed useful bacteria and supply the necessary nitrogen to your plants. Also put a spoonful of cinnamon on the bottom of each hole. Cinnamon will take care of the damping mushroom which often kills young seedlings such as tomatoes and peppers.

Your tomato plants are very important. You don’t want long-legged seedlings. Ideally you want your seedlings to have an inch or less between the branches. Short, compact plants with well-developed roots will do the best for you and are less sensitive to the diseases that attack tomato plants. A key thing to remember here is not to rush out and buy your plants as soon as they appear in stores. Wait for the outside temperatures at night to remain in the 50s before buying and preparing your plants.

When you expose your tomato plants, you should expose them in the early morning before sunrise or late in the evening before sunset. You can create and prepare your holes in advance. You should purchase and have a metal cage for each tomato plant you establish. You will need a bucket of water when you go to fix your plants.

If you already have a shovel full of well-rotted compost at the bottom of each hole, start by adding jelly and ground cinnamon to the bottom of each hole and then place your tomato plant in the hole. Pour two cups of water into each hole before adding dirt. I dig my holes deep enough that when I fill each hole with earth only the top of the tomato plant is left out of the ground. By planting your tomato plants in depth in this way you will help them have a good base and encourage good root development.

Now, once you have the plants in the soil, pack the soil around each tomato plant and put the cage in the soil around each tomato plant. I use small metal curtain poles to make sure the tomato cages stay in place.

Your tomato plants are now ready to commit to growing and will provide you with delicious homemade tomatoes in time. For the organic pest control plant, at least two calendula plants in the same row with tomatoes. This will prevent garden pests from disturbing your tomatoes. And in case you’re asking for six to eight tomato plants they will supply a family of 4-6 with all the tomatoes they want or need.

And now you know the best way to grow tomatoes. I hope there are tomatoes in your future very soon.

by Thomas Byers

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