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Gardening Tips for Early – Mid July

Now we are rapidly approaching the hottest time of the year, there are still some things that can be done in the garden. Here are some gardening tips for those who love summer heat. For you who don’t particularly like the hot weather, do your gardening chores early in the morning.

As the flowers in your garden begin to fade, you should see the seed pods appear. What does this mean for plant growth? How does it affect the appearance of your garden?

It means that the plant puts most of its res towards the seeds and creates them. If the seed pods are allowed to remain, the plant will not continue to give you flowers as it would if the seeds were removed once the flowers passed. You could end up with a garden with many seeds and few blooms. This obviously depends on many factors. Therefore, the faded flowers should be cut. You can go around every day while gardening with some type of lawn mower or scissors and cut all dead flowers. You can add this organic substance to the compost pile.

But there are, of course, exceptions to each rule. There are some plants that are grown because of their colored or shaped pods. Among these are the Chinese lantern plants. It is a low-growing plant with white flowers that some may think are not as beautiful as many other flowers, but when the flowers have passed, balloon-like pods gradually appear. Initially these are green, but over time they will change to a bright orange red. They can be used in pots in the home throughout the winter to illuminate the decor.

At this time of year, you may find a beautiful flower on some plant in your garden and you just want to save the seed. Tie a piece of string around the stem so you can identify it later and carefully remove the other flowers from the plant as they fade away. So when the seed is ready, you can cut the stem bearing the seed. After leaving it in a warm, dry place for a few days, carefully separate the seeds and put them away for another day. They should be kept perfectly dry. This is a technique for creating your special garden and also an interesting gardening technique.

In some cases, it is a good plan to sow the seeds as soon as they are ready as they grow faster and surely than the seeds that have been kept. For annuals, this may not be practical so late in the season. This, of course, depends on your growing season, how long it takes for the individual plant to set up seeds and other factors. With perennials, you may be able to get a head start on next spring by planting the seed in a protected area for the winter. Maybe in a cold setting in a protected area. On the other hand, there are some seeds that don’t grow for a long time. Some seeds require a certain number of hours of cold temperatures or even below freezing temperatures before planting. You will need to research the single plant from which you have the seed to see what is practical.

If you have carnations in your garden where the calyx has a bad cleavage habit, try these old fixes. These are the green portions surrounding the petals. First of all, each single stem in a vertical position so that it does not bend. If that doesn’t work, try putting small rubber bands around the glass to prevent them from splitting. It might be fun to explain your gardening technique to guests here.

Continue to water, weed and mulch on the ground at the right depth around your flowers, shrubs and trees, as described in other articles on our website. Pay attention to the warnings also in those articles.

Roses have chores that should also be done this month. Watch out for suckers who come from the roses in your garden. Where roses grow on their roots, perhaps bred from cuttings, there should be absolutely no suckers. But many roses that we buy have been grafted into a stronger root strain and sometimes this strain will send suckers. Any suckers from the roots or from the stem under the graft must be removed as much as possible below the soil surface. (You may want to remove other suckers from your life as easily as you garden.

Also, at this time, it is possible to perform budding of roses. It is a very interesting project. There are many points to learn and do. These are: the right phase in which to take a bud, how to cut the bud, how to cut the bud and where, how to insert the bud and how to fix it. This topic will be covered in more detail in our gardening tips at another time.

by Sandra Wilson

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